Fuller, Booker talk education, board leadership

Early voting continues in the District 1 runoff for Midland ISD school board.

James Fuller and Michael Booker were the top-2 vote-getters from the Nov. 3 election and the winner of the Dec. 15 runoff will represent the east Midland area that includes areas around the following campuses: Milam Elementary, Lee Freshman High School, Pease Communications and Technology, Coleman High School, Gen. Tommy Franks Elementary (the former Crockett Elementary), Washington STEM Academy and Carver Center.

Those in precincts 201, 203, 305, 308 and 310 are eligible to vote.

The following is a recap of comments made from both men during the Reporter-Telegram Facebook Forum held in October.

About questions they would ask during upcoming superintendent interviews.

Fuller: He would focus primarily on a candidate’s vision for the district and philosophy in regards to education and working with a school board. Specifically, he would ask about familiarity with Lone Star Governance

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Cleveland-Heights University-Heights board of education, teachers union reach tentative agreement, averting strike

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland-Heights University-Heights school district’s board of education and teachers union reached a tentative agreement on Wednesday, averting a strike from about 500 union members.

A strike was set to begin Wednesday, and some educators showed up to picket without knowing an agreement was close, according to a press release from the district.

“The parties negotiated all of last night and into the morning, ultimately agreeing on important compromises for the good of our students and community,” the joint statement read. “Due to negotiations going until 6:30 a.m., some Union members arrived to picket unaware that a tentative agreement was already near completion. We are happy that a strike was averted and students’ education will not be interrupted.”

A picket line formed on Wednesday morning, despite the remnants of a winter storm that blew through Northeast Ohio on Tuesday. School was closed for all students on Wednesday

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Miami University’s board of trustees approves two new degrees in nursing


The board of trustees approved plans to move forward with an addition to the stables located at Miami for the equestrian program. (Architectural rendering.)

Two new degree programs in nursing at Miami University were approved by the board of trustees at its regular business meeting held Monday, Nov. 30.

A Masters of Science in Nursing and a Doctor of Nursing Practice will add 50 new courses within the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science at the regional campuses. The master’s program includes three areas of study concentrations: nurse practitioner, nurse leadership and nurse educator. The doctor of nursing will provide coursework to prepare nurses for advanced leadership and patient care.

These are two of the newest emerging and in-demand degrees that Miami is launching to meet changing workforce needs. This year the university rolled out plans for 14 new undergraduate degrees, 12 graduate offerings, and 20 certificates and micro-credentials.

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Portland Board of Education on cusp of new leadership

PORTLAND — The Portland Board of Education has informally chosen Emily Figdor as its new chairperson for the 2020-2021 school board year.

In a straw poll vote Nov. 17, the school board, including the soon-to-be sworn-in new members, informally voted to nominate Emily Figdor as the group’s new chairperson. A formal vote comes Dec. 7. Contributed / Portland Public Schools

A formal vote to chose a chairperson is scheduled for Dec. 7, when the board will hold an inauguration ceremony for Jeffrey Irish, Aura Russell-Bedder and Yusuf Yusuf, who were elected Nov. 3.

“Emily has years of experience doing work in the community, even before she joined the board, that has prepared her with skills that are transferable to the chairmanship,” board member Anna Trevorrow said in nominating Figdor Nov. 17.

“She is a natural leader and it has become very apparent over these last two years working with her

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Gov. Ron DeSantis taps Tampa investment firm leader for university oversight board

Gov. Ron DeSantis this week appointed Ken Jones, the head of a Tampa investment firm, to the Florida Board of Governors, which oversees the state university system.

a couple of people that are standing in front of a building: Ken Jones, named this week to the Florida Board of Governors, speaks at a 2013 news conference about the economic impact of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa.

© Times (2013)/Tampa Bay Times/TNS
Ken Jones, named this week to the Florida Board of Governors, speaks at a 2013 news conference about the economic impact of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Jones runs Third Lake Partners and is set to join the Board of Governors upon confirmation from the Florida Senate. He is a former practicing lawyer and served as the CEO of the host committee that brought the 2012 Republican National Convention to Tampa. He was recently named to the executive committee of the 2021 Super Bowl Host Committee.

The Board of Governors directs policy for Florida’s many public universities, including the University of Florida, Florida State University and the University of South Florida. This year, members have

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Ayala: Texas needs a State Board of Education that isn’t repressed about reality

It’s colorful what has passed for sex education in Texas.

My classroom experience involving anything resembling sex education left me two memories. One involved an upper lip, the other a watermelon.

It was 1970 and I was in my seventh-grade class. Girls had been separated from the boys, and the physical education teacher at Truman Junior High in the Edgewood Independent School District had the task of terrorizing us.

The class must have covered more than what I remember, but this is what remains: The teacher spoke of what it was like to have a baby. She had had one, so she spoke from experience. She compared having sex, and thus getting pregnant and thus having a baby, to taking one’s upper lip and pulling it over one’s head, all the way back to the nape of one’s neck.

She offered another vivid description that compared giving birth

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Texas board OKs sex education policy update, but rejects push to acknowledge LGBTQ students

AUSTIN, Texas — New Texas sex education standards that include teaching about birth control, not just abstinence, starting in middle school, won final approval Friday from the State Board of Education.

a group of people sitting at a desk: Students at Gullet Elementary in North Austin in 2019 learn about the functions of a family as part of the Austin school district's human sexuality and responsibility curriculum.

© ANA RAMIREZ/Austin American-Statesman/TNS
Students at Gullet Elementary in North Austin in 2019 learn about the functions of a family as part of the Austin school district’s human sexuality and responsibility curriculum.

While overhauling the sex education curriculum, as part of revamping health standards for the first time in two decades, the board rejected a push to acknowledge LGBTQ students.


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Despite a strong push from Democratic board members, as well as 27 total hours of testimony from parents and students across three meetings this year, the Republican-controlled board rejected attempts to have curriculum standards define gender identity and sexual orientation.

The standards, which guide textbook content as well as instruction in the state, will go into effect

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Texas education board set to revise sex education curriculum

AUSTIN, Texas — In the first changes to the sex education curriculum in Texas in more than 20 years, the State Board of Education on Friday approved teaching middle schoolers about birth control but decided against providing students with information on consent, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The revisions consist of teaching seventh and eighth graders about the effectiveness of birth control in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Currently, only high schoolers get such lessons, though health courses aren’t required for graduation.

The new standards, which guide textbook content as well as instruction in public schools across the state, will go into effect in 2022. The board last updated the state’s sex education curriculum in 1997.

The board also approved teaching fifth graders about fertilization and sixth graders about sexual intercourse.

School districts in Texas aren’t required to offer sex education, but if they do, they’re required by state

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Texas Board Revises Sex Education Standards to Include More Birth Control

“Texas is a very diverse state, obviously, and the 200-plus rural school districts that I represent, I wanted to give them the freedom and the latitude to include some of those items in their curriculum, in their teaching, if they choose to do so,” he said at Friday’s meeting.

More than 20 hours of public comment, from across the political spectrum, were heard in June and September over revisions of the state’s health education standards. Ricardo Martinez, the chief executive of Equality Texas, an L.G.B.T.Q. advocacy group, testified multiple times ahead of Friday’s vote and said that excluding language about gender identity, sexual orientation and consent hindered students’ ability to navigate the world.

“You change hearts and minds by educating people about the lived experiences of those around them,” he said in an interview. “Robbing folks, especially at this age, from receiving their vital information of how you can make

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Berea school board backs effort to fix Ohio’s education funding formula

BEREA, Ohio — The Berea Board of Education at its Nov. 16 meeting passed a resolution endorsing the Fair School Funding Plan and urging state lawmakers to pass legislation aimed at fixing Ohio’s unconstitutional funding formula for education.

District Treasurer/CFO Jill Rowe presented the district’s five-year financial forecast to the board and indicated lawmakers are attempting to get the new funding law passed by Dec. 15.

“It’s very exciting news,” Rowe said. “In our current funding model, we’re compared (financially) to state averages and other school districts. This new model funds us locally and keeps the money here for our kids.”

The district currently receives $6,020 in state funding per student. If a child living in Berea, Brook Park, or Middleburg Heights attends a non-public school, however, Rowe said the per-student allocation is taken directly from the district’s bank account and given to the private/charter/community school.

The new state

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