Five Emerging Disruptive Technologies For Entrepreneurs To Observe

A futurist who is passionate about launching businesses. He is the CEO of BlockVentures & Unite.AI, a news website on AI & robotics.

While there are endless articles highlighting the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality and blockchain, there are other emerging technologies that are often neglected by entrepreneurs. These technologies have the potential to completely disrupt the aerospace, health and manufacturing sectors. In this article, will explore five potential breakthrough technologies and how I believe they will converge.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is more commonly known as 3D printing. While the industry was initially hyped with the promise that 3D printers would become prevalent in people’s homes, the real breakthroughs will result from commercial 3D printers.

Traditional manufacturing subtracts material (cutting out/hollowing) from metal or plastic to craft the intended object. This results is material waste that is approximately 40% higher than in additive manufacturing. Additive

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