What’s A Godzilla Wasp? New Species Dives Underwater To ‘Parasitize’ Host [VIDEO]


  • There are many parasitoid wasps in the world but very few aquatic ones
  • The new Godzilla wasp is now the third known aquatic microgastrine
  • Reasearchers named it after the fictional character Godzilla because of how it emerges from the water

Wasps are already intimidating, but researchers found that a new species, dubbed Godzilla wasp, actually dives underwater to target its host. 

It was only recently that a team of researchers noted their discovery of a new wasp species they named after the COVID-19 quarantine. Now a different team of researchers is noting another rather “unusual” wasp species. This time, they found that the new wasp species is not only aquatic but is also capable of diving into the water to attack its host, making it the first Micrograstine observed to do so. 

“It represents only the third known microgastrine to be aquatic, and the first one to

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