Large-scale sequencing of goldfish and carp reveals their origins

Large scale sequencing of goldfish and carp reveals their origins
The photo of Eggfish(left) and Wenfish(right). Wen goldfish has a fancy tail with dorsal fin, the classic type contained Fantails and Veiltails (“Wen” is also the name of the characteristic head growth on such strains as oranda and lionhead). Egg goldfish have no dorsal fin with an ‘egg-shaped’ body. Credit: Liming Qu

A large team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in China has sequenced the genomes of a large number of goldfish and carp, revealing much of their shared origin. They’ve published their results in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

As the researchers note, goldfish have been domesticated by humans for over 1,000 years but unlike most other domesticated species, they have not been bred for food or companionship—instead, they serve mostly an ornamental function. Because human tastes vary so widely, goldfish have likewise been bred for a whole host of features, from different coloring

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