‘The Steph Effect’: Howard University golfers reflect on program Curry created

Edrine Okong grew up in Uganda playing cricket and soccer, like most kids in the African nation, and started attending summer golf camps at age 7.

He also watched basketball on television, admiring Warriors guard Stephen Curry from afar. But golf was Okong’s priority — he caddied for his older brothers, embraced the game’s self-reliance and became skilled enough to come to the U.S. to play at Division II Livingstone College in North Carolina.

Still, he harbored grander ambitions. Then, last year, an unlikely avenue opened: Curry, an avid golfer, donated more than $1 million to create a Division I program at Howard University, one of the country’s most prestigious historically Black colleges.

Okong eventually connected with coach Sam Puryear and transferred to Howard. Now Okong, an honors student in computer information systems, savors his impending chance to play at the college game’s highest level — and he knows who

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Not Even Professional Golfers Are Immune From This Cognitive Bias

What’s the best way to make a golf course easier? By making it harder, according to new research published in the Journal of Sports Economics.

A team of scientists led by Ryan Elmore of the University of Denver found that changing a golf hole from a ‘par 5’ to a ‘par 4’ without changing any of the physical characteristics of hole caused professional golfers perform better in tournament competition.

There’s only one logical explanation for this, according to the researchers: loss aversion.

“Loss aversion states that people tend to value something they already have at above

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