Nobody cared about education in this election. Thank goodness.

What we heard about schools during the national campaign was mostly meaningless jabber. No matter. Federal efforts to dictate how and what children are learning rarely end well. Remember No Child Left Behind? It is true that state governments and local school boards aren’t good at improving schools either, but at least they have a vague sense of what their local communities want and don’t want.

Yet we voters, for reasons hard to explain, almost always say the education issue is an important part of our choosing the next president. We seem to think that is expected of us, even if we don’t mean it. A September Gallup poll ranked education No. 5 among top issues, just below the economy, terrorism, the coronavirus and health care. A poll in March by PDK International, a professional organization for educators, found 6 in 10 Americans said education was extremely or very important

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