Artificial Intelligence Is Used To Understand The Geospatial World To Improve Business And Governmental Performance

Recently, there was brief news about Microsoft Flight Simulator and a tower more than 200 stories tall – created by a typo. As funny as that was, it missed the larger picture. Google Earth started a trend that has continued, and the virtualization of the world has proceeded at a rapid pace. It is now to the point where real business benefit is being gained by such work, supporting the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to even more problems.

There have been smaller discussions about virtualization and augmented reality, to analysis and improve performance in stores and other smaller spaces. However, similar to how a drive for better gaming led to NVIDIA’s GPUs, which helped advance AI, the business of capturing a global image base to improve gaming can now help AI lend its skills to new areas.

What’s interesting is that the volume

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