Jill Biden to prioritize education and cancer research in first lady duties

Dr. Jill Biden, the presumptive first lady elect, has laid out a list of priorities she wants to focus on when she arrives at the White House in January.

Jill Biden holding a book

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In a statement from Biden’s spokesman Michael LaRosa, Biden is currently building her team to help her work on issues related to education, cancer, and military families and veterans.

“Dr. Biden is enormously grateful to the country for electing her husband and Senator Harris,” LaRosa said. “Joe Biden will be a president for all Americans. (Jill Biden) is spending time with her children and grandchildren in Wilmington, Delaware.”

Biden, 69, spent several decades working as a teacher and has a doctorate in education from the University of Delaware.

While she was second lady to the former vice president, Biden worked with former first lady Michelle Obama to help military families become engaged in community activities.

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Melania Trump glosses over the president’s worst tendencies; Jill Biden highlights her husband’s best instincts

One woman stands on stage as glamorous misdirection. First lady Melania Trump puts a thin coat of gloss over the xenophobia and racism that runs through her husband’s administration. She ratchets down the temperature of his heated rhetoric with her cool demeanor and unruffled silence. She is the president’s better-dressed alter ego.

a person wearing a striped shirt talking on a cell phone of a flag: First lady Melania Trump is the president's better-dressed alter ego. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

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First lady Melania Trump is the president’s better-dressed alter ego. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

The other woman, Jill Biden, draws the focus to the heart in her husband’s message — one that includes gratitude.

The country last saw its current first lady in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday posed just behind the president in the East Room as he erroneously declared victory in his reelection campaign. Melania Trump wore an all-business black pantsuit with a white shirt and her signature heels. She was smiling when she entered the room, the

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