‘I just thought she was a college student’: Boston College student spots JLaw after Biden victory

Boston College student Regan LaBelle was headed to brunch with a friend near Boston Common Saturday afternoon, just minutes after major news organizations called the presidential race for Joe Biden. The city exploded with energy as thousands of people poured onto the streets to scream, jump, and dance.

LaBelle spotted one woman in particular with an “amazing vibe.” She wore pink pajamas, Converse, and a face mask, while holding a Bluetooth speaker and flailing around in celebration.

“We came up to a stop and there was a girl playing ‘We are the champions,’ dancing around with her friend,” LaBelle, a Florida native, said. “And I was like, ‘Oh my god, I love her.’”

Turns out — that girl was Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. And LaBelle had no idea.

“You couldn’t even tell it’s Jennifer Lawrence at all,” LaBelle, 21, told the Globe. “I thought she was a college student. I

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