Penny Stocks Trader Tim Sykes On Finding His Life Purpose With Karmagawa

Timothy Sykes is a well-known in financial circles as a penny stock trader who turned his bar mitzvah money into a seven-figure fortune. These days, he spends most of his time teaching others to follow in his footsteps. But unlike The Wolf of Wall Street’s Jordan Belfort, and more like several other super-wealthy individuals including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, Sykes has pivoted towards philanthropy. He has chosen to give away a large percentage of his fortune.

With photographer Matt Abad, Sykes cofounded the non-profit Karmagawa, which harnesses social media channels to fight racism, serve meals, recycle plastic, save endangered species, and build schools. In just a few short years, Karmagawa’s Instagram profile has attracted 1.2 million followers, many of whom pledge financial support.

What inspired Sykes to focus his efforts on philanthropy? He says, “I

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