Photograph by REBECCA HALE

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Bell, a National Geographic Society fellow, includes people around the world in her explorations by deploying cameras in the ocean depths and livestreaming her expeditions.

Photograph by REBECCA HALE

To oceanographer Katy Croff Bell, the seas’ uncharted depths are full of opportunities to engage women and people of color in science.

This story appears in the December 2020 issue of
National Geographic magazine.

Most of the deep sea, Earth’s largest habitat, has yet to be explored. Even after decades of probing and scanning the depths with submarines and remotely operated vehicles, scientists have seen just a fraction of what’s down there.

In those uncharted waters Katy Croff Bell sees a great opportunity to engage women and people of color in science.

A National Geographic Society fellow and an expert on the deep sea (below 200 meters), Bell has been on