Cardiff University student, 18, is second person in city to die ‘after taking ketamine’

  • Emergency services called to Llys Talybont in Cathays on Saturday at 12.40am
  • 18-year-old student died at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff last night 
  • South Wales Police said the drugs ‘may contain a cocktail of toxic ingredients’ 

Police have issued a drug warning after an 18-year-old Cardiff University student and 25-year-old man died after taking drugs.    

Emergency services were called to Llys Talybont in Cathays where the female student was found collapsed by flatmates at around 12.40am on Saturday.

She was taken to the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, where she has died last night. 

A 23-year-old Cardiff man has been charged with drugs offences and is due to appear at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court today.

South Wales Police issued a warning and launched an investigation into supply of Ketamine – a class B drug – after a 25-year-old man has died and a woman is fighting for her life in
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‘Ketamine is big here’: why Bristol University is testing drugs for its students | Universities

When Rahim*, a first-year university student, went to a festival last year, his friends bought some MDMA from a dealer they met at a party. He was apprehensive, since he usually only buys off contacts he trusts not to cut their substances with unwanted chemicals.

So when his group stumbled across a harm reduction service, one friend decided to buy a testing kit. “Thank god he bought it, because one of the MDMA pills turned out to have meth in it,” says Rahim. “It was quite scary.”

This was Rahim’s first brush with harm reduction, an approach that emphasises non-judgmental advice and support about drugs and alcohol, with a view to limiting damage to physical and mental health. To him it made sense: “A lot of people, especially young adults, don’t educate themselves; they just go off what their friends say.”

This information gap matters because drug use is

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