Ovi will finish his career in KHL, so where does that leave the Capitals?

Although he’s certainly not showing it when it comes to his freakish ability to fill the net with pucks, Alex Ovechkin is beginning to look at the day when he will no longer be a Washington Capital. On the back nine of a career in which he has established himself as arguably the greatest goalscorer of all-time, Ovechkin is intent on finishing his career in the homeland he clearly loves.

In an interview with Russian Television International, Ovechkin made it clear that he wants to finish his career by playing for Moscow Dynamo in the KHL, the team for which he starred before he became an NHLer in 2005-06. Ovechkin also played for Dynamo during the 2012 lockout, scoring 19 goals and 40 points to lead the team in scoring, despite playing only 31 games. (Dynamo, for its part, could use Ovechkin as soon as he’d like to come. The

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