Seattle’s young ‘Kings’ help adults build a more equitable education system

It’s 4 p.m. on a Wednesday and Adam Haizlip and Kevin Loyal call the Student Leadership Council meeting to order virtually via Zoom.

“How are you entering the space today,” Haizlip writes in the chat, inviting the dozen students to type or vocally describe the highs and lows from their day. Answers range from feeling good about doing well in school and being grateful the smoke finally cleared so they can be outside playing basketball to feeling isolated because of COVID-19 regulations.

Haizlip and Loyal are supportive throughout, referring to each student as “King” and pushing the boys to dig deeper and engage with each other. The conversation then turns to the work the Student Leadership Council, or SLC, has been doing and how they can continue to grow and learn together as the school year marches on.

The SLC is a group that includes Black male students from schools

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