KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 and GCSE Quizzes

Practice Makes Perfect

We all know that the more times you remember something the less likely it is that you will forget it and the quizzes provide an enjoyable way to recall crucial facts and figures that are essential for success in exams.

The entertainment value of quizzes ensures that revision boredom can be a thing of the past. See active recall
for an in-depth analysis of why quizzes are so important in education and why they are universally used by teachers.

Suitable for Children of all Ages and Most School Subjects

The site provides easy navigation to appropriate age groups from KS1 (aged 5 to 7) to GCSE (aged 14 to 17). Links to these can be found near the top of every page on the site.
Each age group has a section devoted to the most important subjects of English, Maths and Science along with 9 other “lesser”

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