Lake Creek boys win opener; College Park girls improve to 3-0

Lake Creek beat Tomball 55-48 in its season opener Friday night.

Hudson Boyd led the way with 23 points and seven rebounds. Ty George had a double-double of 12 points and 10 rebounds. Charlie Johnson had 10 rebounds and six points, and Jordan Fitch had eight points.

Lake Creek is at Deer Park on Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Magnolia West wins opener

Magnolia West had three players in double figures as it topped Tomball Memorial 60-48 to open the season Friday night.

Connor Kelly led the way for the Mustangs (1-0) with 12 points. Casen Kelton and Ryan Schaefer each added 11 points.

Magnolia West travels to Cleveland Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Magnolia takes down Klein Collins

Magnolia earned a 56-54 victory over Klein Collins in non-district play Friday night.

Connor Lindvall scored a team-high 17 points for the Bulldogs (1-0). Kyler Fullmer and Mason Machado each finished with 11

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Scientists find remains of giant lake under ice in Greenland

Watch: Giant, Subterranean Lake the Size of Delaware and Rhode Island Discovered in Greenland

A giant prehistoric lake has been discovered in Greenland — more than a mile underneath the ice.

The lake, which was formed when the area was ice-free, stretches around 2,700 square miles and is the first of its type to be found anywhere in the world.

It was discovered by a team of US scientists who mapped its area by analysing data from low flying NASA aircraft fitted with geophysical instruments that penetrate the ice.

In recent years, scientists have found existing subglacial lakes in both Greenland and Antarctica, containing liquid water sandwiched in the ice or between the bedrock, but this ‘fossil’ lake bed is different, with no evidence there is still water there today.

A giant prehistoric lake more than a mile beneath the ice has been discovered in Greenland. (SWNS)
A giant prehistoric lake more than a mile beneath the ice has been discovered in Greenland. (SWNS)

The images they

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Mystery of glacial lake floods solved

Mystery of glacial lake floods solved
The hot water drill used to drill through the glacier to the subglacial lakes. The drill stem is hundreds of meters below in the ice, suspended on a rubber hose through which hot water is pumped down. Credit: Eric Gaidos

A long-standing mystery in the study of glaciers was recently —- and serendipitously—solved by a team led by University of Hawai’i at Mānoa astrobiologist and earth scientist Eric Gaidos. Their findings were published this week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

The mystery involves floods or “jokulhlaups” that emerge suddenly and unpredictably from glaciers or ice caps like those in Iceland where volcanic heat melts the ice and water accumulates in lakes underneath the glaciers. Scientists have long studied the development of these floods, which are some of the largest on Earth.

“These floods may affect the motion of some glaciers and are a significant hazard in Iceland,” said

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Ancient lake contributed to past San Andreas fault ruptures

Ancient lake contributed to past San Andreas fault ruptures
San Andreas fault area. Credit: Rebecca Dzombak

The San Andreas fault, which runs along the western coast of North America and crosses dense population centers like Los Angeles, California, is one of the most-studied faults in North America because of its significant hazard risk. Based on its roughly 150-year recurrence interval for magnitude 7.5 earthquakes and the fact that it’s been over 300 years since that’s happened, the southern San Andreas fault has long been called “overdue” for such an earthquake. For decades, geologists have been wondering why it has been so long since a major rupture has occurred. Now, some geophysicists think the “earthquake drought” could be partially explained by lakes—or a lack thereof.

Today, at the Geological Society of America’s 2020 Annual Meeting, Ph.D. student Ryley Hill will present new work using geophysical modeling to quantify how the presence of a large lake overlying the fault could have

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University of St. Thomas T-shirt offers clue to ID body found in Dutton Lake

A dead body was found floating in Dutton Lake in the Beach City area of Chambers County.

The sheriff’s department announced Sunday morning  that it is asking for the public help identify the person, who was found Tuesday.  The victim appears to be a white male, between 40 to 60 years of age. He is about 6 feet tall and 150 pounds.

He  was wearing a grey “University of St. Thomas” T-shirt, size medium. The man also had a tattoo on the back left shoulder blade that reads “Rashawn.”

It was appears that the body had been in the water for an extended period of time, detectives say.  Although the cause of death has not been

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The Explosive Hazard Hiding in an African Lake | Science

Lake Kivu is one of Africa’s strangest bodies of water. An unusual set of properties make it an intriguing subject for scientists, as well as a potential source of peril and prosperity for the millions of people living nearby.

Kivu doesn’t behave like most deep lakes. Typically, when water at the surface of a lake is cooled — by winter air temperatures or rivers carrying spring snowmelt, for example — that cold, dense water sinks, and warmer, less dense water rises up from deeper in the lake. This process, known as convection, generally keeps the surfaces of deep lakes warmer than their depths.

But at Lake Kivu, circumstances have conspired to block this mixing, giving the lake unexpected qualities — and surprising consequences.

Straddling the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kivu is one of a string of lakes lining the East African Rift Valley where

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