Stewart Jewelry, a College Park landmark, is closing as the owner retires

Stewart Jewelry, a landmark business in the College Park business district, is closing, but it’s not because of the economic havoc caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, its second-generation owner, Phyllis Stewart-Tuell, is retiring after accepting an offer for the building.

“The party had to end sometime,’’ said Stewart-Tuell, who will turn 70 in April. “My mother always told me, ‘Do what you can when you can.’’’

She said she couldn’t disclose the price for the property because the deal had yet to close, but that the new owner would honor the leases of the surrounding businesses.

Stewart Jewelry, at 2212 Edgewater Drive in the Orlando neighborhood, debuted in 1946 with Stewart-Tuell’s parents, Burnett and Edith Stewart, at the helm. Stewart-Tuell started working at the small shop in 1977.

The store features a signature neon sign that Stewart-Tuell said she hoped could be preserved by the Orange County History

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Closing Australia’s education divide will take a generation, landmark study finds

One of the most comprehensive studies of Australia’s education system has found postcodes and family backgrounds impact the opportunities available to students from pre-school to adulthood, with one in three disadvantaged students falling through the cracks.

Sergio Macklin, the deputy lead of education policy at Victoria University’s Michell Institute, authored Educational Opportunity in Australia, which calls for immediate extra resources to help disadvantaged, Indigenous and remote students.

“Educational success is strongly linked to the wealth of a young person’s family and where they grow up,” Mr Macklin said.

“I think Australia’s really letting down students from low-income families, Aboriginal students and those in remote areas.”

The report critiques progress on last December’s Alice Springs Education Council meeting where, in the wake of Australia’s poor performance against its international counterparts, education ministers pledged to deliver a system that produced excellence and equity.

Last year’s poor results on equality of education have

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