USA TODAY Sports’ Paul Myerberg breaks down the latest Amway Coaches Poll.


With kickoff set for 9 a.m. PT, No. 20 Southern California will prepare for Saturday’s season opener against Arizona State with a round of COVID-19 testing and an early bedtime.

From Friday evening through the following morning, the program’s itinerary more closely resembles boot camp than your typical college football weekend:

The Trojans will be in their rooms Friday night by 7:15, followed by lights out at 9:30.

Reveille comes at 6 a.m., with a staff meeting beginning 15 minutes later. Arrival at the Coliseum is scheduled for 7.

Arizona State will begin Saturday even earlier, with breakfast service starting at 4:45.

“No one will be there at 4:45 except probably for me,” said Arizona State coach Herm Edwards. “I get up really early.”

Southern California cornerback Chris Steele (8) and safety Isaiah Pola-Mao (21)