Netflix Documentary ‘Rising Phoenix’ Creators Launch Prince Harry-Backed Education Guide


  • “Rising Pheonix” creators have launched an educational program revolving around disability
  • The project is backed by Prince Harry, who believes the program has a lot of lessons to teach
  • “Rising Phoenix” currently holds a score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes

The creators of Netflix’s documentary “Rising Phoenix” have launched an education guide to make students aware that the Paralympics is one of the ways to raise visibility for people with disabilities. 

“Rising Pheonix,” which tells the story of inspiring para-athletes who defied the odds to become some of the most successful athletes of all time, introduced the program for teachers to dig deeper into the subject matter in their classrooms. 

The educational program is backed by Prince Harry, who founded the Invictus Games for wounded members of the military and veterans. Speaking about the program, the Duke of Sussex said he is “really excited” about the new education

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Clarkson University Students Launch Flourishing Care Package Business

Potsdam, NY, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One of the most traditional methods for family members to maintain a connection with their college student while they’re away at college is to send a care package. Here at Clarkson, a pair of brothers has taken the concept of a care package and turned it into a flourishing business that makes the process easier for family members and ensures that students receive their goodies in a timely fashion. 

Dylan Practico ’21, an innovation and entrepreneurship major, and Brandon Practico ’24, a business studies major, continue to expand the business Dylan founded as a first-year Golden Knight. We spoke with them about College Care and all that goes into providing a convenient care package service for Clarkson students.

How did this business come to be and when was it started?

Dylan: When I was a freshman in Professor Marc Compeau’s class, we

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How To Launch Your Blockchain Career

Art Malkov is the Chief Digital Officer at BlockchainDriven and is a Columbia University Lab to Market Blockchain Accelerator Advisor.

I’ve been involved in blockchain for much of its existence, and I’m not kidding when I say that everyone I run into while networking who is not involved in blockchain asks me how they can be. The answer is that there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to this sort of thing. Blockchain isn’t a particular set of skills, a background or a degree. It’s a rapidly growing industry that is becoming the most exciting emerging tech sector in the world.

I want to give some advice on getting a job in blockchain or making blockchain a career for yourself in the industry, but we first need to get on the same page about a few things.

1. Blockchain is not just cryptocurrency.

Blockchain’s first notable application was in cryptocurrency, and

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UMass Dartmouth, Bridgewater State launch accelerated programs

Wicked Local

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Bridgewater State University have announced two joint accelerated master of science programs in physics and electrical engineering. The educational partnership agreement between the institutions will provide undergraduate students at BSU with an accelerated pathway to earning a graduate degree at UMass Dartmouth.

Undergraduate students in the physics, photonics and optical engineering program in the Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics at BSU will be able to seamlessly earn a master’s degree in physics or electrical engineering in the College of Engineering at UMass Dartmouth.

During their junior or senior year, BSU students can begin taking graduate courses at UMass Dartmouth while finishing their undergraduate degrees at BSU. This unique opportunity offers students an accelerated pathway to successfully attain their academic goals affordably. Importantly, the agreement focuses on student academic support measures including advising and research opportunities throughout the student’s educational journey.


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UCF Helps Launch 1st Nationwide Technology Support Center for Higher Education Faculty

The University of Central Florida and its partners this month will launch the Center for Innovation, Design and Digital Learning, a national hub that will be open 24/7 to help professors get a leg up on using technology.

Before the global pandemic rocked the country, the U.S. Department of Education was already talking about a way to help provide technical support to higher education faculty as classes and learning trends were moving to online platforms. The pandemic that drove universities to online instruction earlier this year accelerated the federal agency’s desire to help universities and colleges better use digital tools to reach students. The agency awarded UCF and its partners a five-year, $2.5 million grant to launch the center quickly. UCF’s portion is $335,000.

After 20 years of providing online degrees, UCF has become a leader in online learning. Ranked as a top 20 online program by U.S. News &

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TikTok Star Madi Monroe Just Hinted She’s About to Launch Her Music Career

TikToker Madi Monroe may be headed to your Spotify playlist after fans praised the star’s vocals. Monroe’s digital career started like many other creators, uploading dance videos and anything else that happens to trend to her account. But in between it all, sometimes, Monroe offers a peek at her musical talent, something that distinguishes her from the pack on an otherwise glutted platform.

a woman posing for a picture: Madi Monroe arrives for the Premiere Of MarVista Entertainment's "Next Level" held at Regency Bruin Theatre on September 4, 2019, in Los Angeles, California.

© Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images/Getty
Madi Monroe arrives for the Premiere Of MarVista Entertainment’s “Next Level” held at Regency Bruin Theatre on September 4, 2019, in Los Angeles, California.

TikTok: Fast Facts About One Of The Fastest Growing Social Media Platforms



On Tuesday, the 16-year-old actor and TikToker uploaded a video with audio of herself singing. ISome fans didn’t know Monroe was the vocalist, while others were quick to praise her. “Gurl you need to make a song,” wrote TikTok user Robert

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College students launch project to reduce food waste and feed hungry families

Many can still vividly recall images of crops rotting in the field and milk being dumped when schools and restaurants were forced to close in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Some college students want to make sure we never see that again.

Vernie Jackson was not in line at a food pantry last Thanksgiving — but he’s since fallen on hard times. 

“I lost people in the pandemic, and then I lost my job in the pandemic,” Jackson said. “So right now, you know, I’m just praying to the Lord.”

Jack Rehnborg is a junior at Stanford University. He is among a group of college students who co-founded the FarmLink Project after being stunned by images of produce rotting on farms during the pandemic.

“This is absurd for the wealthiest country in the world to have all this food going to waste and all these people that

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Four Ways Parents Can Help Launch Recent College Grads’ Careers

Co-Founder of Early Stage Careers, providing tailored career guidance exclusively to college students, recent grads and 20-somethings.

For early careerists, the current job marketplace presents unique difficulties, and many have been unable to immediately launch their careers after graduating college. Parents of these job seekers face a similarly challenging situation: They want to see their adult children successfully launch their careers, but many do not understand how to effectively support them through this process.

With the holidays approaching — and pandemic restrictions still in place — parents and job seekers may be spending time together, so it’s vital for parents to understand the important role they play in this process.

Here are four ways parents can help their early careerist get hired.

1. Recognize today’s reality.

It’s vital for parents to understand that the hiring landscape for early careerists has changed dramatically since they sought their first jobs.

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Walmart and North Carolina A&T State University Team up to Launch ‘Equity in Education Initiative’

BENTONVILLE, Ark.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Walmart and America’s largest and top-ranked historically black university, North Carolina A&T State University, are announcing plans to launch the Equity in Education Initiative, a new program aimed at increasing the number of African American college graduates securing careers in fields critical to the nation’s workforce. The program will support undergraduate students with tailored resources and assistance as they pursue degrees in business, engineering and other professional disciplines.

The Equity in Education Initiative, powered by a $5 million investment via Walmart which is the largest corporate investment in North Carolina A&T to date, will deliver a spectrum of resources through four focus areas:

  • The Black Male Initiative, housed in the Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics and created and implemented with seed funding by the ELC, will address Black male achievement, retention and graduation rates, often lower than that of their female peers.
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Mass. set to launch first phase of rapid coronavirus testing in schools in December

“This is a voluntary initiative, with test kits provided to schools at no cost and designed to help schools continue to provide in-person instruction,” Riley said. “Schools chosen for Phase One need to meet six criteria including the ability to complete DPH reporting requirements and ensure staff who administer the tests are trained.”

Riley said Wednesday that “schools must also obtain parent/guardian consent prior to administering tests to students. The Abbott BinaxNOW test is a rapid antigen test. Rapid antigen tests perform best when the person is tested in the early stages of infection, which is when the viral load is generally highest.”

Under current federal guidelines, Riley continued, the Abbott test is not to be used for “broad-scale asymptomatic in schools, and students, parents and staff should be aware that antigen test results are not considered at this time diagnostic. Results are probable and confirmation of a person’s COVID-19

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