Mike Leach dead wrong: College football has never been freer

If football is a great teacher of life’s many lessons, then the message this week is to wash your hands and stay away from holiday parties.

Also — and this should be obvious to anyone who watched Alabama 41, Mississippi State 0 — people with less to lose might be willing to take more chances. Harsh but true.

Mississippi State has an outbreak of COVID-19, so it’s game with Auburn is canceled for Saturday. The Bulldogs are a mess this season in more ways than one, but they did knock off LSU. Obviously, that’s a lead-in to our next bit of bad news. Alabama’s game in Baton Rouge is iffy, too, after LSU players tested positive for the coronavirus coming out of an off week.

Coaches have been trying their best to manage the coronavirus and keep their teams bubbled away from girlfriends and campus life, but LSU coach Ed

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