5G for business: Why this green and leafy campus could hold the key to success

Business enthusiasm for 5G remains limited, with research suggesting just 15% of UK businesses are currently investing in 5G.

Sceptical executives with constrained investment budgets through 2021 might choose to wait before exploring next-generation networks. However, organisations that explore the potential of 5G now could get ahead of the crowd, which is where an innovative approach in the leafy English county of Warwickshire aims to play a key role.

An alliance that includes the University of Warwick, Warwickshire County Council and telecoms giant BT aims to help entrepreneurs and businesses in the local area create useful applications for superfast networks.

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“We believe that 5G is a game-changer for innovation and that we can create new use cases, new products, new services,” says David Plumb, chief innovation officer at the university. “By doing that, it allows us to create new companies and

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