Liberty’s Board of Trustees Creates its Official Search Committee for a University President and Chancellor

Liberty’s Board of Trustees announced Nov. 2 the plans to re-create the executive leadership model, filling both the chancellor and president positions. A committee of 10 Board of Trustees members was formed and charged with the task to fill the two senior leadership positions. 

According to the press release, the new chancellor would serve as a “spiritual leader to ensure it is faithful to its Christian mission” while the president would remain in charge of academic administration, operations and employees throughout the university. In addition to the search committee, an advisory team consisting of students, faculty and alumni will assist the committee in their search, providing them input on their decisions throughout the projected year-long process. 

The president search committee plans to outline job descriptions and approve their search process in a meeting later this year. 

Per the request of President Jerry Prevo, the Board of Trustees also announced its

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