Was Massachusetts right to adopt new rules limiting financial incentives for solar projects on sensitive lands?

Heidi Ricci
Heidi Ricci

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources recently revised its financial incentives for solar arrays to reduce the loss of forests, rare species habitats, and other sensitive lands. The incentives, with some exceptions, will no longer be provided for large projects built in those areas. This was a smart decision, and more still needs to be done.

Solar power must be rapidly accelerated. We are running out of time to transition to clean, renewable energy and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Rising seas, increased temperatures, more frequent droughts, and storms of greater intensity are already impacting people and nature in Massachusetts and globally.

Yet our natural land is also critical to fighting climate change, providing valuable services including carbon storage, water supplies, locally-produced food, shade, and habitat for fish and other wildlife. The beauty of nature and opportunities for outdoor recreation are essential to our health and

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