Lincoln University student leaders speak to historic win of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

Heaven Lassiter, Lincoln University’s Miss Orange and Blue, shares in the excitement so many HBCU students and graduates feel after the historic win of one of their own, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Lincoln University speaks to historic win of HBCU Graduate, Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris



“Oh, we all woke up shouting, praising God that Black women, Black educated women have this opportunity,” Lassiter said.


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Fellow student leaders say they feel more empowered than ever.

Kamala Harris: A representation of hope for women of color in Philadelphia

“They’re highlighting our HBCUs and seeing so much more can come from our HBCUs. Now is the time to showcase who we are,” MIss Lincoln University Brianna Blake said.

University President Dr. Brenda Allen is Kamala Harris’ fellow Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters and also a graduate of Howard University.

“Even though HBCUs make up 3% of

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OU football: Cancellations across college football keeping Lincoln Riley vigilant about COVID | Local News

Lincoln Riley is continuing to keep his players vigilant about COVID

OU football coach Lincoln Riley is keeping his program vigilant about COVID issues.

Lincoln Riley and his football team have noticed the multiple games being postponed or canceled due to COVID.

Wisconsin, for example, has had an outbreak that’s canceled two contests of the Big 10 season.

Does Riley remain concerned about the pandemic entering his football program?

“It’s all over the country,” Riley said during a Thursday meeting via Zoom. “There are all these games getting canceled, moved, all these guys not playing, coaches not being able to coach and there’s been a number of games that have been right on the threshold of it that have been played. Our first game (against Missouri State) is a great example of it. There are constant reminders all over the place.”

OU’s season opener was in jeopardy because of multiple players having tested positive or due to

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Creates The First Trapped-Ion Quantum Chip With Integrated Photonics

Most experts agree that quantum computing is still in an experimental era. The current state of quantum technology has been compared to the same stage that  classical computing was in during the late 1930s.

Quantum computing uses various computation technologies, such as superconducting, trapped ion, photonics, silicon-based, and others. It will likely be a decade or more before a useful fault-tolerant quantum machine is possible. However, a team of researchers at MIT Lincoln Laboratory has developed a vital step to advance the evolution of trapped-ion quantum computers and quantum sensors.

Most everyone knows that classical computers perform calculations using bits (binary digits) to represent either a one or zero. In quantum computers, a qubit (quantum bit) is the fundamental unit of information. Like classical bits, it can represent a one or zero. Still, a qubit can also be a

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