University of Newcastle transforms with Dynamics 365, strengthens links to students and strategic partners

One of the marquee users of the CRM is the University’s international student office where just about the entire team uses Dynamics 365 in their daily role.

Coutman explains; “Inquiries from international students are captured in CRM, as well as applications for admission. This has really streamlined the process for the team managing this process and the feedback has been positive.”

It has also improved the student experience as efficiency has soared and applications and inquiries are dealt with much faster than was previously possible. Dynamics 365 has also streamlined the University’s engagement with overseas education agencies which act as the front door for many international students.

“Implementing a more efficient approach to managing international inquiries and applications has improved the University’s interactions with overseas agencies, which enhances our reputation in this competitive market,” says Coutman.

Shane Parsons, Director, Microsoft Business Apps, KPMG says, “Dynamics 365 has delivered to the

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How much money TikTok, Instagram influencer makes with affiliate links

  • Vi Lai was working full time as a realtor, but that changed when the pandemic upended her career in March.
  • Now, Lai is earning money as a skincare influencer on TikTok and Instagram, where she has hundreds of thousands of followers and posts content about skincare routines and product reviews. 
  • “I would not have survived” without TikTok, Lai said.
  • The skincare industry has seen a surge in social-media content and engagement since the start of the pandemic, as more people spend time at home and spend money on self-care.
  • Lai spoke with Business Insider about how she’s been able to earn over $5,000 per month using affiliate codes and how she’s navigated brand sponsorships. 
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29-year-old Vi Lai was working full time as a realtor in Boston until the pandemic upended her career in March.

“I’m a realtor, I need to socialize for

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Fox News Legal Analyst Links His Downed Wi-Fi To Biden, Gets Mercilessly Mocked

Twitter users went to town on Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett on Friday after he appeared to suggest there was some nefarious link between his imminent filing of a column criticizing Democratic nominee Joe Biden and the disconnection of his internet.

Jarrett — whose tweets and articles President Donald Trump has shared on dozens of occasions — said he found it “odd, if not curious, that the moment I hit ‘send’ on my column […] my Wi-Fi service disconnected.”

“Never happened before. Probably just a coincidence,” he added:

“I’m sure it’s

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Links to General Science Information

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What is chemistry?

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