Space Is Littered With Dead Rocket Stages. What If We Turned Them Into Habitats?

From Popular Mechanics

  • Nanoracks, a space company that specializes in getting commercial payloads to the ISS, plans to create the first space recycling program.

  • The “Outpost” program will renovate spent upper stages already in orbit into space stations.

  • The company plans to perform its first demonstration next May.

Just outside the upper reaches of our atmosphere, past the line separating Earth from space, lies an orbital junkyard of debris. And that junk just keeps piling up with the increasing commercialization of space, leaving many experts worried how the debris could impact astronauts, satellites, and future deep space missions. But where some people see trouble, others see opportunity.

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Nanoracks, a space company that has previously helped get commercial payloads to the International Space Station (ISS), aims to recycle the derelict upper stages of rockets

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