Maryland football, Michael Locksley looking for Year 2 bump

Last season — with a fresh staff, different schemes and a revamped culture — ended with only three wins, albeit in one of college football’s most difficult divisions. The 2019 campaign served as the first year in a rebuilding project, especially given the turbulent months that predated Locksley.

But now, even with an upcoming season that will feature dozens of newcomers, a different quarterback and possible chaos prompted by playing amid a pandemic, there is continuity. The offensive and defensive systems may have evolved, but they’re rooted in last year’s schemes and led by the same coordinators. The coaching staff remained mostly constant. The expectations within the program are not a surprise. And that matters.

“They trust us in a different type of way, and we trust them,” junior wide receiver Brian Cobbs said. “Going into Year 2, as an overall team, I definitely feel like it’s just a looser

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