Oklahoma Lottery director retires; team stays ‘hyper focused on funding education’ | Govt-and-politics

“That was all Rollo’s vision,” said David Ostrowe, who spent five years on the board, three as chairman, before being tapped as Gov. Kevin Stitt’s secretary of digital transformation and administration.

Ostrowe said the amount the agency was able to give to education immediately increased after the change.

The agency gives about $65 million a year to education.

Redburn has worked on improving the agency’s relationship with lawmakers after a rather rocky start.

“People used to run when they saw me coming,” he said about lawmakers. “Now, people call to ask for our opinion about bills and what we need to make the lottery better.”

He was also onboard when Oklahoma joined other multistate lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions.

He counts among his accomplishments getting 711 to come on board as a lottery partner. The agency in 2020 flipped a switch that turned on the lottery for 108

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A postcode lottery is stopping children in care from going to university | Debra Humphris | Education

There have been far too few care leavers going to university for far too long. The numbers are staggering: just 12% of care-experienced pupils compared to 42% of their peers. It’s not fair that care leavers should have far worse educational and life chances than the general population, especially since we already know the reasons why.

The problem starts at school, when children in care typically experience extensive disruption to their education, often as a result of moving between homes. This may lead them to feel like like they don’t know who to talk to about going to university.

Without access to accurate information and advice, or the right support network and role models, they may struggle to navigate the admissions system, which puts many off applying.

If they do get to university, they then have a host of financial worries to contend with. At present, the financial support

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