University psychologist struck off after hypnotising student and claiming they were lovers in past life

A psychology lecturer who tried to seduce a student by hypnotising her has been struck off.

Dr Waseem Alladin tried to kiss the toes of a student and stick his tongue in her ear after trying to convince her they had been lovers in a past life, a disciplinary hearing was told.

When the mature pupil, identified as Student 1, rejected his advances, he complained she “wasn’t submitting totally to him”, and warned if she didn’t give in to his advances then he had five other students waiting.

Alladin manipulated the vulnerable student and tried to stop her from taking prescribed antidepressant medication and undergo hypnosis instead.

The lecturer eventually convinced her to undergo hypnosis. He then took pictures of her while she was hypnotised, telling her she was irresistible to men because of her “serpent power”.

He put a photograph of her up in his office and told her

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