Why we lowered tuition at Fairleigh Dickinson University | Opinion

By Christopher A. Capuano

The cost of a college education over the years has only moved in one direction: up. Now, college tuition and student loan debt are higher than ever with approximately 45 million Americans currently carrying $1.56 trillion in student loans. This is especially troubling considering how it affects students’ long-term goals, like purchasing a home and starting a family.

College affordability was a problem before the onset of COVID-19, but the financial impact the pandemic has had on so many students and their families has swiftly accelerated the need for change. While more students are struggling to finance their college education, the pandemic has further highlighted the tremendous advantages of having a college degree and the buffer it has provided for those in the labor force.

Although Americans without a college degree have always had higher unemployment rates, that divide substantially expanded due to COVID-19. According to

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