Stanford University study names five from LVPEI among top 2% scientists of the world

L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) has had five of its eminent senior scientists listed among the top Indian researchers in a database of 100,000 scientists worldwide.

This database of top-cited scientists has been created by a team of scientists at Stanford University, USA, and is published in the journal PLOS Biology. It includes all scientists who are among top 100,000 across all fields and/or top 2 per cent of their discipline, based on the number of citations. The data was collected from the Scopus database for 6.8 million prolific authors out of which the top 100,000 were analysed.

LVPEI dominates the list

From L V Prasad Eye Institute, Gullapalli N Rao, Founder-Chair, D Balasubramanian, Distinguished Scientist and Director Emeritus, Brien Holden Eye Research Centre, Savitri Sharma, Director, Laboratory Services, Jill Keeffe, Visiting Professor, have featured in the database of top 2 per cent of scientists under the discipline

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