Why science matters explored in online magazine

This year has challenged leaders, researchers and the public with thorny scientific questions, from the coronavirus pandemic to widespread misinformation on scientific issues.

The magazine is a collaboration of the Aspen Institute, a think tank that brings together a variety of public figures and private individuals to tackle thorny social issues, the digital science magazine Leapsmag and GOOD, a social impact company.

It’s packed with 15 in-depth articles about science with a view toward our campaign year.

Among them are the results of an August survey on adult Americans’ science priorities that show strong national support for basic science research, a piece on immigrant scientists, and a report on scientific issues facing the Navajo Nation and other Native communities.

There are also tips on how to avoid social media misinformation and a thought-provoking piece on how scientific experts are made into celebrities, sometimes with disastrous results.

“We need science for

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