RUDN University research team of mathematicians suggested a new decision making algorithm


IMAGE: A research team from RUDN University developed an algorithm to help large groups of people make optimal decisions in a short time. They confirmed the efficiency of their model using…
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Credit: RUDN University

A research team from RUDN University developed an algorithm to help large groups of people make optimal decisions in a short time. They confirmed the efficiency of their model using the example of the market at which the outbreak of COVID-19 began. The model helped the administration and sellers agree on closing the market and reach a consensus about the sums of compensations in just three steps. An article about the algorithm was published in the Information Sciences journal.

Decision theory is a field of mathematics that studies the patterns of decision making and strategy selection. In the terms of mathematics, decision making is an optimization task with multiple criteria. Expert opinions, judgments, and

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The education app that is making equals of Bill Gates and the world’s masses

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the 500 million-download mark for Duolingo.
  • Swedish is the most popular language studied in Sweden because of Syrian refugees, while Bill Gates uses it to study French.
  • The language learning start-up was just valued at $2.4 billion by investors, which is just about $1 billion more than its valuation from just a year ago.

Luis von Ahn standing posing for the camera: Duolingo Co-founders Severin Hacker (L) and Luis von Ahn (R)

© Provided by CNBC
Duolingo Co-founders Severin Hacker (L) and Luis von Ahn (R)

During the coronavirus crisis, Duolingo has seen a huge spike in new users. In fact, it’s become the world’s

How Duolingo is disrupting language learning with free app



language learning app, amassing more than 500 million downloads to date.

What many don’t know is that the world’s most popular education app began as a computer science project for co-founders Severin Hacker and Luis von Ahn, teaching people foreign languages while trying

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The Monday After: Why there won’t be a Cinderella story making it to the College Football Playoff this year

There are no Cinderella stories in college football. While it’s typically a March tradition and one rarely seen in January, nothing seems impossible in this upside down 2020 season. It’s the middle of November, and we currently have undefeated teams like Cincinnati, BYU and Indiana hanging out in the top 10 of both major polls. Should they remain undefeated, all three will likely be found in the top 10 of the first College Football Playoff ranking.

But do they have a real shot at making the College Football Playoff at the end of the season? Well, no, probably not. A lot of people would like to believe it’s a possibility, but I suppose I’m a bit more of a pessimist in the matter. I’m of the opinion that, in a season like 2020 in which any bowl game that is played can choose from any team regardless of their record,

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People are making bets on whether Melania Trump will divorce Donald Trump. But that might be a bad bet.

Is Melania Trump really looking forward to being rid of President Trump as much as tens of millions of Americans are? Or is it just another fantasy that Trump critics are projecting on a first lady who has succeeded in shrouding her true self in mystery?

Many who despise Donald Trump imagine that his wife does, too. They point to a few videos of her seeming to refuse to hold her husband’s hand as proof. They also notice that Melania spends a lot of time apart from her husband, and she’s not as publicly affectionate with him as, for instance, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama or Jill Biden are with their husbands. Some have baselessly claimed that Melania has a body double who stands in for her when (they imagine) she refuses to make appearances at her husband’s side.

“Never, not with any previous first lady,” has there been a rampant

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Making A Post-Covid Career Change? How To Get Your Priorities Right

For many, the events of this disruptive year have acted like a circuit breaker in our lives. Living and working through a pandemic has muddied the waters for professionals everywhere. Industries are being upended, layoffs are plentiful, and people are questioning the career rules they’ve always played by.

As more friends and colleagues mention that they’re considering a job change, I’m reminded of my own career pivots. I’ve been making twists and turns in my professional life for more than 20 years, and I’ve picked up a few tidbits of inspiration along the way.

One of the best pieces of advice came from Frank Slootman, CEO of Snowflake. When I was considering a transition from financial services to technology, and leaving NYC for the West Coast, I found myself paralyzed, sometimes by the options, other times by fear.

He suggested thinking about my next career in the order of “geography,

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Updated prep signing day/period list: Area athletes are making their college decisions official | High School Sports

Josh Caron, Sun Prairie, Nebraska

Josh Caron photo

Josh Caron, Sun Prairie, signing day, Nov. 11, 2020, baseball, Nebraska 

Steve, Josh, Becky Caron 

Justin Hausser, DeForest, UW-Milwaukee

Keagon Kaufmann, DeForest, UW-Milwaukee

Mason Kirchberg, DeForest, UW-Oshkosh

Jacob Kisting, Verona, Bradley University

Liam Moreno, Sun Prairie, Missouri State

Liam Moreno

Liam Moreno, Sun Prairie, signing day, Nov. 11, 2020, baseball, Missouri State. 

Leo, Liam, Luciana, Stephanie Moreno. 

Carson Shepard, Sun Prairie, Ohio University

Carson Shepard photo

Carson Shepard, Sun Prairie, signing day, Nov. 11, 2020, baseball, Ohio University 

Ryan Taylor, Verona, University of Central Florida

Aidan Williams, Middleton, Milwaukee Area Technical College 

Aidan Williams photo

Aidan Williams, Middleton baseball 

Cade Meyer, Monroe, UW-Green Bay 

Football (later signing date)

Gabe Finley, DeForest, Central College, Iowa

Trace Grundahl, DeForest, UW-Whitewater

Jacob Beckman, Middleton, University of Wisconsin (UW reported) 

Bennet Girten, DeForest, Lindenwood University

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Our View: Thumbs up for Hampstead Elementary, county high school athletes making college choices, drama club going on with the show I COMMENTARY

THUMBS UP: Kudos to Century Higrh School’s drama club for turning a disappointing moment some eighth months ago into a bright spot amid the pandemic. Their spring production was wiped out in March when schools were forced to close because of the coronavirus. Instead, they came together last week to get ready for the Century High School Opening Knights’ Quarantine Cabaret. The virtual variety show is set to debut Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. as a cluster of spoken word poetry, songs, and skits aimed to capture what the students have gone through during the pandemic. Over the last few months, the students have been refining the creative projects they’ve dreamed up for the cabaret with the help of drama club director Lucas Hewitt and co-director, Caitlin Hewitt, a school counselor at Liberty High School who is also his wife. The production’s 26 acts range from original songs written and

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Three EdTech entrepreneurs who are making digital education accessible and inclusive

Ahsaas Channa et al. posing for a photo: Three EdTech entrepreneurs who are making digital education accessible and inclusive

© Shubhashish
Three EdTech entrepreneurs who are making digital education accessible and inclusive

With the 2020 pandemic changing the landscape of education, digital has been the buzzword for entrepreneurs. We feature three women-led EdTech startups who are riding India’s online education revolution and democratizing the landscape for people of all ages and socio-economic groups.

Akanksha Chaturvedi – Eduauraa

Akanksha Chaturvedi is the Mumbai-based founder CEO of Eduauraa, an EdTech venture in association with ZEE5 that aspires to provide quality education at an affordable cost. “Education is the central pillar of any country and the access to quality education should not be limited to a child’s socio-economic background,” says the graduate from University College London and postgraduate from Columbia University.

Eduauraa offers educational content for CBSE, ICSE and seven state boards in Hindi and English. Students from class six to 10 can access their complete course syllabus in four subjects (maths,

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Goodwall Is Making It Easier For College Students To Connect To Potential Employers

College students have had to adjust to new ways of learning, living and even finding internships. With over 49% of internships canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, it has become increasingly harder to find experiences virtually that can help them advance their college careers due to the demand. Traditionally, students would use on-campus resources to help source opportunities, but with 65% of colleges adopting a fully online or hybrid model many of those resources have yet to be integrated into these new models.  

Goodwall has become an easy alternative for college students to find opportunities such as internships, jobs or volunteer programs based on their expertise, interests and background. The app has found popularity among college-aged individuals in the last year for their engaging challenges to win opportunities and their technology

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2 Giant Asteroids Making Close Approach To Earth Tuesday


  • Giant asteroids 2020 UN3 and 2020 UL3 will fly by Earth Tuesday within hours of each other 
  • 2020 UL3 is nearly as tall as the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Both near-Earth asteroids belong to the Apollo category of asteroids

Two asteroids are making their way toward Earth Tuesday, and their sizes are considered gigantic.

The asteroids flying toward Earth are being monitored through NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). The first near-Earth asteroid (NEA) that will zip past the planet has been identified as 2020 UN3.

Asteroid 2020 UN3 will make its way past Earth Tuesday at 12:51 a.m. EST, traveling at an average speed of over 16,000 miles per hour. According to the data from CNEOS, the closest distance 2020 UN3 can get to Earth is around 2.7 million miles away. 

The diameters of the two NEAs differ significantly, but both are considered gigantic due to

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