George Floyd Foundation, Texas A&M University announce internship program for Black male students

The George Floyd Memorial Foundation is joining forces with Texas A&M University-Commerce to launch an internship program for Black male students.

Set to launch in January 2021, the Be His Legacy Internship Program is designed to promote social justice, combat police brutality and protect the civil rights of people of color.

The program will be available to members of the African American Male Mentorship Program at the university, which “encourages Black male students to actively engage in the university experience, develop leadership skills, and successfully graduate and become future industry leaders,” according to a statement posted on the school’s website.

“We’re exceedingly happy to launch our first internship program in partnership with Texas A&M University-Commerce,” Carry Wright, the executive director of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation,” said in a statement. “We will build upon the legacy of George Floyd and provide professional growth from a remote capacity.”

The George Floyd

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Prehistoric hunters weren’t all male. Women killed big game, new discovery suggests

But the discovery of a woman buried 9,000 years ago in the Andes Mountains with weapons and hunting tools, and an analysis of other burial sites in the Americas challenges this widely accepted division of labor in hunter-gatherer society.

The woman, thought to be between 17 and 19 years old when she died, was buried with items that suggested she hunted big-game animals by spear throwing — stone projectile points for felling large animals, a knife and flakes of rock for removing internal organs, and tools for scraping and tanning hides.

“Labor practices among recent hunter-gatherer societies are highly gendered, which might lead some to believe that sexist inequalities in things like pay or rank are somehow ‘natural,'” said lead study author Randy Haas, an assistant professor of anthropology at University of California, Davis, in a news release.

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