A ‘Mandalorian’ Theory Explains Why Baby Yoda Ate Those Eggs

The most recent two episodes of The Mandalorian may not have given us much in the way of additional information about Baby Yoda, with Mando getting repeatedly drawn into side-quests involving sub-light-speed detours and Katee Sackhoff, but they did deliver a running joke that built on the little green scamp’s penchant for eating everything in sight.

This behavior was first displayed early in season one, when The Child gulped down a frog while his new adopted dad wasn’t looking—and in “The Passenger,” B.Y. sets his sights on a new snack: the unfertilized eggs of the alien hitching a ride aboard the Razor Crest.

In the same episode, he also chows down on a gross-looking alien spider, and in “The Heiress” he gets a little taste of his own medicine when a squid-like creature jumps out of his chowder and latches onto his face — both of which pay homage to

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