University of Manitoba lab gets funding boost to take extremely close look at COVID-19

A funding boost for a team of University of Manitoba researchers will cover the costs of sophisticated microscope camera technology that will give them an extremely close look at the novel coronavirus and could help save lives.

“By generating high resolution, very sharp images of the virus in action we not only understand how they look like in three dimensions, we more importantly understand how they work and why they are so dangerous,” said U of M biochemistry Prof. Jörg Stetefeld.

Federal Minister of Innovation Navdeep Bains announced $28 million in supports through the Canada Foundation for Innovation on Friday. Stetefeld and his colleagues Nediljko Budisa, Brian Mark, Kevin Coombs and Jason Kindrachuk received $950,000.

Stetefeld, who is also a Canada Research Chair in structural biology and biophysics, leads a team that usually focuses on cancer, but when the pandemic hit they switched gears.

The lab already had the capacity

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