How the final 2020 Electoral College map compares to 2016

Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie: President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 US presidential election with 306 electoral votes. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

© AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 US presidential election with 306 electoral votes. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

  • In the 2020 US presidential election, President-elect Joe Biden earned 306 electoral votes to 232 electoral votes for President Donald Trump.
  • This year, Biden flipped five states and one congressional district that Trump won 2016, giving him the majority in both the Electoral College and the popular vote.
  • Biden won the traditionally Republican states of Arizona and Georgia, neither of which had voted for a Democratic presidential nominee since the 1990s.
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On November 14, the final puzzle piece of the 2020 presidential map was set.

Once President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner in Georgia, based on a projection by Decision Desk HQ and Insider, the final Electoral College tally in the presidential election stood at 306 electoral votes for Biden and

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How 2016 Electoral College Map Final Results Looked, and How It Could Change This Election

Following the 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the electoral college map turned red in key swing states as the Republican won the overall U.S. electoral college vote that handed him the White House.

However, the electoral college map of the 2020 election could look very different. According to projections by pollsters at FiveThirtyEight, this year’s Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden could win key swing states back from Trump.

Any candidate will need to secure at least 270, out of 538, electoral college votes to win the presidential election. Here Newsweek looks at the 2016 map and how it is predicted to change this time around…

Electoral College Map 2016

Electoral College Map 2016
This graphic shows the final electoral college map of the 2016 presidential election between President Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in which Trump won all six key swing states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
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The U’s Itasca grape could put Minnesota wines on the map

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Or many.

A new grape with a decidedly Minnesota name is delighting local growers and vintners and starting to grab the attention of wine enthusiasts.

Called the Itasca, it is being hailed as at least a “breakthrough” and more likely a “game changer” for the state’s still-nascent wine industry. One winemaker even likened the 2017 University of Minnesota release to what the research center achieved with Honeycrisp and Zestar apples.

“What the U did with the apples, they’re there with Itasca,” said Greg Peterson, owner and winemaker of Wild Oaks Ranch in Lakeville.

While grape growers gush, consumers are just now beginning to enjoy the fruits of the university’s labors. The first commercial vines were planted in 2017, and it takes at least three years for the grapes to be viable for winemaking. The youthful 2019 Itascas have proven hugely popular at

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