Top 10 Mistakes Digital Marketers Make With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Chitiz Agarwal aka Kumar is a evangelist with 14 yrs of IT experience. He is the founder and CEO of Techila Global Services

We live in a world of marketing automation and business analytics. Over time, the need for automation in the smallest of businesses and every sector of the industry has skyrocketed.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one platform that can help businesses fulfill this need for marketing automation, helping them interact with their clients throughout their buying journey and improve the same by providing personalized services at every stage.

However, many marketers tend to make certain specific mistakes that can lead to their own strategies backfiring. From my experience, here are some of the most common mistakes digital marketers commit while using the marketing cloud and how you can avoid them:

1. Spreading Yourself Thin

Most digital marketers make the mistake of targeting as many customers

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