Mixed reaction to Education Department’s decision to bump up marks for grades 4 to 9

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Pretoria – Expert in the education sector have mixed views on the decision to bump up by 5% marks for the 2020 year-end exams in grades 4 to 9. But, said the department of education, extra help was necessary to ensure deserving children did not suffer more following an already stressful school year.

The department sent a circular to all schools, giving them permission to increase marks by up to five percent in up to three subjects – and an additional one for maths, to assist learners to proceed to the next grade.

This is an increase over the extra 2% which was available last year, with this change being attributed to the interruptions caused by the Covid19 pandemic.

The adjustment should be noted in the report, so that the next grade’s teachers were aware and

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Thanksgiving marks a mass exodus of college students leaving campuses like UW Madison

Now thousands of University of Wisconsin students are making getaway plans, part of a mass pre-Thanksgiving exodus from campuses nationwide that could spread the dangerous pathogen in hometowns across the country if students and schools aren’t careful.

Maggie Pidto is careful. The 21-year-old Wisconsin senior stopped by the Kohl Center arena one recent afternoon to swab inside her nose for a viral test that came back negative, her seventh of the semester. She planned to do it again the next day to get ready for her trip home to West Hartford, Conn. She wants to protect her parents.

The virus infected one of her roommates this fall, who then had to isolate in their off-campus apartment. But so far, Pidto has dodged infection. “I’m constantly stressed about it,” she said.

Thanksgiving has become a pivotal moment for higher education as the pandemic intensifies. It casts a spotlight not only on

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Campus march by Hong Kong graduates marks a year since university clashes

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Dozens of Hong Kong students turned their graduation ceremony on Thursday into a march to commemorate pro-democracy protests last year that included violent clashes with police across city campuses.

Wearing black graduation robes and Guy Fawkes masks, the students marched through the campus of Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). They said they were organising their own graduation after the university said it would be held online because of the risk of the novel coronavirus.

“I want to pass on the spirit … so the next generation of students don’t forget what happened last year,” said Philip, a social sciences graduate who declined to give his last name.

In November last year, campuses of CUHK and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) saw prolonged clashes between students and riot police, with protesters firing petrol bombs from catapults and using bows and arrows and police responding with

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SpaceX launch marks a new era for NASA [Video]

SpaceX launched four astronauts into orbit on Sunday (November 15) marking a major milestone for NASA.

It was their first full-fledged mission on board a privately-owned spacecraft.

The ‘Resilience’ is SpaceX’s newly-designed Crew Dragon capsule.

It blasted off atop the company’s Falcony 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Flordia, a big win for billionaire Elon Musk, who founded the company.

Astronaut commander Mike Hopkins described the launch as “one heck of a ride.”

The crew headed to the International Space Station some 250 miles (or 400 km) above Earth – a 27-hour trip.

Ahead of lift-off the astronauts fitted in their custom white suits, driven out to the launch pad in SUVs made by Tesla, another of Musk’s companies.

The other NASA crew include Victor Glover, reportedly the first Black astronaut to live aboard the orbiting laboratory, and physicist Shannon Walker

Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi was also onboard,

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Johnny Depp’s dismissal from Fantastic Beasts marks a major career repercussion for the embattled actor

“I have been asked to resign by Warner Bros. from my role as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and I have respected and agreed to that request,” Depp wrote in a letter uploaded to Instagram on Friday.

Depp’s firing came as a surprise to crew members, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which stated in a piece published Monday afternoon that his “pay-or-play” contract requires the studio to pay his eight-figure salary regardless of whether he appears in the film. The dismissal nonetheless marks a major career repercussion for an actor still embroiled in a $50 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, who wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018 including a thinly veiled reference to her domestic abuse allegations against him.

A Warner Bros. spokesperson on Tuesday declined The Post’s request for additional comment on Depp’s contract, referring back to a statement from Friday that confirmed

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First woman of color in space marks historic VP election

Dr. Mae Jemison was the first woman of color to go into space. It happened more than three decades after the first man went into space and 12 years after the first man of African descent, a Cuban flying with the Soviet Union, entered microgravity.

It was another 28 years after her historic spaceflight that Jemison cast a ballot that helped elect the first woman – Black, Indian American or otherwise – as vice president of the United States.

“It’s important,” Jemison said. “A long-needed, long-awaited milestone for women and for Black women. It’s an affirmation that in America we’re still progressing. And that we are continuing to see talent and expertise and appreciating that.”

Historic election: Kamala Harris makes history as first Black woman, South Asian elected VP

Jemison grew up watching the Apollo missions, planning to be a scientist and assuming she would go into space. And as

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Rafael Nadal Marks 1,000th Career Win


Rafael Nadal, one of the all-time best tennis players with 20 Grand Slam titles under his belt, marked another watershed moment in his career Wednesday when he won his 1,000th tour match.

Key Facts

With his victory over fellow Spaniard Feliciano Lopez at the Rolex Paris Masters, Nadal officially won his 1,000th tour-level match.

It took Nadal about 18 years to hit 1,000, having won his first in Mallorca, Spain in 2002.

Nadal is only the fourth tennis pro in history to hit four-figure wins, following i greats like Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendl and Nadal rival Roger Federer, according to the ATP Tour.

Just last month, Nadal won the French Open, giving him his 20th Grand Slam title and tying him with Federer for the male player with the most Grand Slam titles in history.

Crucial Quote

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International Space Station marks 20 years of continuous occupation

The space station is old. It leaks from time to time, requiring patches like the ones the astronauts installed last month. The toilet breaks. The batteries need to be replaced. It has to dodge micrometeorites — this year alone the station has had to maneuver three times to avoid getting hit. And sometimes it does get tagged, like the time in 2016 when a piece of space debris cracked a window.

But despite the inherent dangers of space, the airless void, the radiation, the bits of debris shooting around in orbit several times faster than a speeding bullet, astronauts have somehow managed to live aboard the outpost continuously for 20 years.

On Nov. 2, 2000, NASA astronaut Bill Shepard and his Russian counterparts Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev became the first crew to live and work on the station for an extended period, starting a streak that continues today. This

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International Space Station marks 20 years of humans on board

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 30 (UPI) — The 20th anniversary Saturday of humans living aboard the International Space Station spotlights the global cooperation and scientific discoveries that benefit all people, according to astronauts and others involved in missions there.

NASA and space agencies around the world are using the milestone to underscore achievements in space since the end of deep-space crewed missions in the 1970s and the space shuttle program in 2011.

Those who participated in space station construction find it hard to believe it has been inhabited for two decades, former astronaut Michael López-Alegría said. He has been to the orbiting platform three times and was the last person to visit before permanent missions started in 2000.

“After so many years, it’s still in very good shape,” López-Alegría said. “The ISS is the most audacious and complex construction project ever undertaken in space. It’s pretty amazing that everything fit together

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