London’s dirty air increases risk of catching Covid-19, Queen Mary University research finds

Vehicle pollution appears to increase the risk of contracting Covid-19, London scientists have discovered.

Researchers took PM10 particulates captured in Marylebone Road and tested them on laboratory-grown human nose and throat cells.

They found that these airborne pollutants increased the body’s susceptibility to contracting the virus.

Professor Jonathan Grigg, lead researcher at Queen Mary University of London, said the early findings showed the importance of ongoing measures to clean up the capital’s air.

He said the nose was the “front door” through which the virus entered the body – and that pollutants could effectively widen the door by making the cells more of a target for covid.

This is because toxins increase the amount of an enzyme known as ACE2 on the surface of the cells in the nose and lower throat, making them more receptive to covid, probably for a “short-term period”.

Prof Grigg told the Standard: “Most people

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Apparently that Kyler Murray Hail Mary was only the third most improbable completion of his career | This is the Loop

By now, you’ve seen it a million times. Kyler Murray scampering right, flicking it across his body, 50 yards, a perfect freaking spiral. If you close your eyes, you’ll see DeAndre Hopkins going up and getting it, spitting three Bills defensive backs with a leap that should get slapped on the NFL crest a la Jerry West. But go ahead and watch it again. It can’t possibly hurt (well, unless you’re a Bills fan)

Incredible. Improbable. Impossible. Except not quite. In fact, as NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport pointed out on Monday, according to this pesky little thing called statistics, Murray’s hail mary heave was only the third most improbable completion of his career.

Now listen, Kyler Murray does lots of crazy things on a weekly basis. In fact, we’re willing to bet he is the single most fun football player to watch on the entire planet right now, Patrick

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NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Takes New ‘Selfie’ At ‘Mary Anning’ Site


  • The “selfie” by Curiosity was taken last October
  • Curiosity has been at the site since July
  • The Perseverance rover is on its way to join Curiosity in exploring Mars

NASA’s Curiosity has a new selfie, and this time it was taken at a site called “Mary Anning,” named after a valued scientist. Soon, Curiosity won’t be the only one exploring the Red Planet. 

According to a NASA news release related to the new image, the location where the selfie was taken is named after the 19th Century paleontologist who is described as “the greatest fossilist the world ever knew” according to Cambridge University Press, but whose findings of marine-reptile fossils remained largely unknown simply “because of her gender and class.”

The site was named after her because of its potential to reveal new details about the planet’s ancient environment, NASA explained, perhaps much like how Anning made

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