These university-level math courses are on sale for just $29

Have you ever struggled with math classes in school? Maybe you discarded it altogether and decided you’re more of a creative type. Either way, you’re not alone. However, the math that you learned in high school unfortunately does not teach many functions and equations that actually apply to real life, and short of higher education courses, this knowledge can be difficult to locate and understand. 

The truth is that math comprehension matters, and with the Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle, you can decode even the most advanced math problems. This 9 course bundle contains more than 60 hours of in-depth instruction to bring you from mathematical novice to master of all things Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, and so much more. There is even a course dedicated to how math is directly integrated with electronics, providing you with basic insights as to how circuits and other electronic systems work.

Although you won’t

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Signing Math & Science

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For Signing Math & Science, TERC and Vcom3D used SigningAvatar® assistive technology to develop illustrated, interactive 3D standards-based sign language dictionaries that offer students in grades K-8 and 9-12 who are deaf and hard of hearing increased access to the same learning opportunities that hearing students enjoy. Video versions are available free from this page by clicking the links below or the links at the top and bottom of this page. The video versions are compatible with Mac, Chromebook, and a wide variety of platforms and web browsers and with iPads. The dictionaries are also available from iTunes as iPhone Apps.

  • Signing Science Dictionary (SSD)—a dictionary of science terms and definitions for grades 4-8. This work was funded in part by grants from NEC Foundation of America, the National Science Foundation (HRD-0533057), and the Department of Education (H327A060026).
  • Signing Science Picture Dictionary (SSP)—formerly called the Signing Science Pictionary is
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Practical Uses of Math And Science (PUMAS)

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PUMAS (poo’ • mas) — is a collection of brief examples showing how math and science topics taught in K-12 classes can be used in interesting settings, including every day life.

The examples are written primarily by scientists, engineers, and other content experts having practical experience with the material. They are aimed mainly at classroom teachers, and are available to all interested parties via the PUMAS web site.

Our goal is to capture, for the benefit of pre-college education, the flavor of the vast experience that working scientists have with interesting and practical uses of math and science.

– Ralph Kahn
Pumas Editor and Founder

When a Ruler Is Too Short by Stephen J. Edberg
Surveyors are often seen in the middle of the street making careful measurements of angles with their transits, and distances with their steel tapes. For points than can be <br />
easily reached, such

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