Matthew McConaughey to start stand-up comedy career

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Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey wants to try his hand at stand-up comedy.

The ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ star has admitted he was planning on embarking on a stand-up tour this year before the coronavirus pandemic caused the shutdown of venues and placed restrictions on travel and large gatherings.

Matthew was inspired to try out a career as a funnyman as he loves the “no-filter communication” provided by comedy, and although he can’t hit the road just yet, his stand-up tour is still on the cards for the future.

Speaking during an appearance on ‘The Russell Howard Hour’, he said: “I haven’t shared this with many people but stand up is a no-filter communication.

“What I do as an actor, which is why I’m interested in doing stand up, is my raw expression goes through four filters before it gets to the

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Matthew McConaughey owes pretty much his entire career to this drunken golf story | This is the Loop

It’s hard to remember a time when Matthew McConaughey wasn’t a walking, talking, living, breathing legend. But, according to rumor and heresay, there was such a time. 1992, to be exact, when McConaughey was just one of a bajillion prospective film students at the University of Texas. In a year’s time, he would be a cult hero thanks to his turn as Wooderson in ‘Dazed & Confused’, but it was a role he might never have gotten if it weren’t for one (very) drunken golf story.

The scene, as it’s laid out in Melissa Maerz’s new book ‘Alright, Alright, Alright: The Oral History of Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused’, is this: Don Phillips, Hollywood casting agent (and legendary drinker), bellies up to the bar at the Hyatt Austin. It’s the summer of ‘92. Phillips is in town filling a few final roles for a film he calls “this generation’s ‘Fast

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Matthew McConaughey shares his thoughts on his children following his career path

“Look, I want them to do whatever it is they’re fashioned to do,” he said.

Matthew McConaughey is one proud papa.

After his 12-year-old son Levi made a rare appearance on the personal Instagram of his mother, Camila Alves McConaughey, fans couldn’t help but notice how similar the two looked.

And, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Monday, the 50-year-old actor could help but gush about his eldest child.

“Levi is the most considerate person I’ve ever met,” McConaughey said. “He’s extremely considerate, and a very, very sensitive young man and really cares — really caring kid. And he, like me, has a very much perfectionist bone in him.”

“He’s a great salesman, he’s a great debater, he’s a great storyteller, he’s becoming a really good storyteller,” he gushed. “He’s becoming

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Matthew McConaughey on why he went to film school instead of becoming a lawyer, and his trick for getting out of a career rut

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  • Matthew McConaughey, an Academy Award-winning actor and author of Greenlights recently appeared on the “5 Questions with Dan Schawbel” podcast.
  • McConaughey kept a diary for 35 years to get through hard times and remind himself of habits that led to positive life outcomes.
  • He explained that his father’s death forced him to take risks and discover his own identity.
  • Dan Schawbel is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and host of the “5 Questions with Dan Schawbel” podcast, where he interviews world-class humans by asking them just five questions in under 10 minutes.
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You might know Matthew McConaughey as an Academy Award–winning actor who has appeared in over 40 feature films that have grossed over $1 billion. But he’s also a deeper thinker, family man, and professor — and, after decades of keeping

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