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A first look at various aspects of meteorology, including solar radiation, global circulation, environmental issues, winds, stability, precipitation processes, weather systems, and severe weather. Basic physical principles, meteorological terminology, societal impacts, and weather analysis will be explored.
Notes and Syllabus by Paul Sirvatka

A quantitative first look at the science of meteorology. Physical concepts will be examined using algebraic methods to prepare students for material using higher mathematics. Operational, physical, and dynamical meteorology will be discussed to give students an overall understanding of atmospheric science. Equations of motion, thermodynamics, and the primitive equations will be among the topics covered.

Notes and Syllabus by Paul Sirvatka

In depth study of meteorological phenomena relating to severe thunderstorms, El Nino/Southern Oscillation events, and tropical storms. Topics will include severe weather spotting, weather radar, atmospheric soundings, tornadogenesis, El Nino, tropical meteorology, hurricanes, and an introduction to numerical weather prediction. Basic physical principles, their
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