The Next Big Retail Metric

I am 100% certain you have never heard of RFIQ.   Why?  Because I’m the one who created this metric.  And it is being introduced in this article for the very first time.

In the Retail context RFIQ measures the IQ of an organization, or an individual, regarding RFID.  Do they know:

1.    What RFID is?  

2.    The upside for consumers?

3.    Which companies are using it?

4.    Why they view it as critical?

5.    The range of ways it is used?

6.    Why retail employees love it?  

7.    Its impact on retail property value?

First, though, I have a confession to make.  I have yet to develop a standardized test.  And I will probably never get around to it.  

But the lack of a standardized test doesn’t matter.  High, Medium and Low will have to suffice.  It is actually quite easy to subjectively assess where a person or

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