Driving around, and mideast diplomacy

Driving around

I wish to thank the Monitor, Michael S. Hopkins, and Melanie Stetson Freeman for the cover story “A road trip to normalcy” in the Sept. 7 Monitor Weekly. For this reader, feeling both the pinch of age and strictures of the pandemic, it was a truly wondrous trip. In addition, the article recalled 50-year-old memories of living and camping in our country’s incomparable West. Kudos to the Monitor (and the RV Maybell) for supporting the journey.

Bolling P. Lowrey
Greensboro, North Carolina

Social distancing concerns

I usually read my copy of the Monitor from cover to cover and deeply appreciate the balanced and fair covering of the news, but I was upset when I read the article “A road trip to normalcy.” Even though the number of cases of COVID-19 was lower in the Western states that Michael S. Hopkins and Melanie Stetson Freeman visited, social distancing and

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