James ‘Jim’ Ebben, former longtime Edgewood College president, dies | Local News

Hopkins was hired by Ebben in 1991 as director for mission integration and remembers his ability to build personal relationships with people from board members to students and a passion for education rooted in creating “a more just and compassionate world.”

“There was a hunger in him to learn something new every day, whether it was reading, whether it was traveling, whether it was talking with people,” said Hopkins, who retired from Edgewood in June.

'A lot of relief': UW-Madison international students see hope, reset in Biden administration

Ebben was the first layperson to become president of the small Dominican college founded in 1927 and was hired to expand enrollment and build the college’s endowment.

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His term as president was “marked by explosive enrollment growth, and significant expansion of campus facilities,” the college said.

Edgewood College had doubled its enrollment, more than doubled its physical plant and increased donations from almost

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Air University hosts first-ever JADO, JADC2 symposium > United States Air Force Academy > Air Force Academy News


Military and government representatives from multiple academic and intelligence communities met in person and virtually for the first Air University Joint All Domain Operation/Joint All-Domain Command and Control Symposium, Nov. 18-20.

The symposium objectives were to examine the development of concepts to ensure dominant planning, decision and execution, or PDE, cycles in highly contested and degraded environments and to identify key PDE issues affecting JADO and JADC2 future concepts.

Air University’s Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education hosted the symposium.

The more than 150 virtual and in-person attendees from across the Department of Defense and government agencies were able to participate in one of three mission-area working groups, or MAWGS: Decision Advantage, Dynamic Tasking Order and JADO Professional Military Education.

The Decision Advantage MAWG analyzed current operational and air component PDE cycles to identify where today’s automation can compress the

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Loyola University New Orleans honors Orleans Parish judge, and more metro college news | Crescent City community news

LOYOLA UNIVERSITY NEW ORLEANS: Judge Robin Pittman ‘91, J.D. ‘96,  is recipient of the 2020 Adjutor Hominum Award from the Alumni Association of Loyola University New Orleans. This award recognizes a Loyola graduate whose life exemplifies the values and philosophy of Jesuit education: moral character, service to humanity and unquestionable integrity. Pittman is a criminal court judge and former assistant district attorney in Orleans Parish. She spends much of her time out of chambers in the community, engaged in service to Loyola and visiting local schools to mentor young students. In lieu of a party to celebrate her accomplishment, Pittman has established a sociology scholarship to benefit high-achieving sociology majors with financial need. To contribute, visit

DELGADO COMMUNITY COLLEGE CYBERSECURITY TRAINING: A 4.5-month cybersecurity career training course begins Dec. 7 at Delgado Community College with support from the Capital One Foundation. Those who complete the program will receive credentials

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University-industry partnership drives UB health care innovation – UB Now: News and views for UB faculty and staff

Research News

Inside the lab at Garwood Medical Devices.

Jackson Hobble, a biomedical engineer at Garwood Medical Devices and a UB biomedical engineering graduate, works in the company’s lab. He is using an in vitro model to test the electrical stimulation technique that BioPrax™ employs to treat infections. Photo: Douglas Levere


Published December 2, 2020

headshot of Mark Ehrensberger.

Batman and Robin. Peanut butter and jelly. Jobs and Wozniak. Like for these famous duos, when universities and companies join forces, they can achieve far greater impact.

Such is the case for a team of UB researchers and Buffalo-based startup Garwood Medical Devices, who, in partnership, have been awarded $749,000 to evaluate a medical device that utilizes UB-licensed technology and bring it one step closer to clinical use in amputee patients.

The device, called BioPrax™, was created to prevent, control and eliminate bacterial biofilm infections associated with orthopedic implants — a common, costly and potentially devastating problem.

“Metallic implants,

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Ex-Lehigh University student admits to poisoning roommate | National News

EASTON, Pa. (AP) — A former Lehigh University student on Monday admitted poisoning his roommate’s food and drink with a heavy metal substance.

Yukai Yang, 24, pleaded guilty to attempted murder. Under the terms of a plea agreement, the Northampton County District Attorney’s Office will withdraw other charges in two separate cases against Yang.

Yang, a chemistry major, acknowledged he purchased thallium in March 2018 and began giving it to his roommate, Juwan Royal. Royal testified in an earlier court hearing that he suffered weight loss, headaches and nausea.

Royal was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning in April 2018. Thallium is odorless and tasteless, and can be fatal in humans. The soft metal is used internationally in electronics manufacturing and for other purposes. It once was used in rat poison in the U.S, but has been banned for that use since the 1970s.

The motive is not known. Months before

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Man ruled insane in college killing sues state hospital | National News

Man ruled insane in college killing sues state hospital

FILE — In this May 8, 2009 file photo, Stephen P. Morgan, right, and his attorney Richard Brown, listen to judge Mary-Margaret Burgdorff in Middletown Superior Court in Middletown, Conn. Morgan, a Massachusetts man acquitted by reason of insanity of killing a Wesleyan University student in 2009, has filed a lawsuit against Connecticut’s state psychiatric hospital complex, saying an employee improperly told a TV station that he and other patients were allowed to play violent video games.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Massachusetts man acquitted by reason of insanity of killing a Wesleyan University student in 2009 has filed a lawsuit against Connecticut’s state psychiatric hospital complex, saying an employee improperly told a TV station that he and other patients were allowed to play violent video games.

Stephen Morgan’s lawsuit says he was “emotionally hurt” by the disclosure, and the hospital violated his

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Towering nutrition education earns Billings teacher health award | Local News

She began planting the tower garden, which she purchased with a grant from the Education Foundation for Billings Public Schools. Rainbow chard, kale, and basil are growing this year.  

For elementary students, especially the youngest, concepts like nutrition can be difficult to truly understand. It’s not just about memorizing facts; it requires a more nuanced understanding of long-term consequences of actions and understanding of how food is created. 

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With gardening, Olson’s students learn how vegetables grow and what can affect that; they move plants into and out of sunlight, water them less and more, and try different varieties.

“You have to be patient and try some things,” Olson said. 

Kerra Olson

Boulder Elementary first grade teacher Kerra Olson talks with her students as they take a look at a hydroponic garden where the class has been growing and harvesting food.

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Kelly Marie Tran’s ‘miracle’ career | Celebrity news

Kelly Marie Tran's 'miracle' career

Kelly Marie Tran says her career feels like an “impossible miracle”.

The 31-year-old actress shot to fame playing Rose Tico in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise but admitted she is still shocked by her success as she had no connections to the acting industry.

She told “I know it sounds so cheesy because it probably is, but I just think it’s true, everything that I’ve been able to do in my career this far very much feels like an impossible miracle. I am not someone who had connections in this industry. I’m not someone who knew how to do that. I really feel like I was like the blind leading the blind, trying to figure out how to audition and this world.

“Everyone who has dreams as a kid watching these movies and wanting to be a part of it, if there’s anything that can prove that it’s possible to

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Radford University makes carbon commitment | Local News

Radford University is forming a task force with a goal to make the campus carbon neutral.

The group’s formation comes after school President Brian Hemphill’s announcement of the signing of a Carbon Commitment at his State of the University address earlier this month.

Two involved in the task force effort, professor Stockton Maxwell, and the university’s sustainability manager, Josh Nease, said the process is is its infancy stages and the group has yet to be fully formed, but the university already has a few projects

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University of Tulsa helping lead project to build up nation’s cybersecurity workforce | Local News

“The project also dovetails nicely with the (George Kaiser Family Foundation) initiative to make Tulsa a cyber city,” Shenoi said.

The project was initiated based on a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce and DHS that describes both cybersecurity workforce needs and projected shortages.

In 2017, there were almost 300,000 active openings for cybersecurity-related jobs in the U.S. Globally, projections suggest a cybersecurity workforce shortage of 1.8 million by 2022, officials said.

Moreover, the majority of U.S. critical infrastructure is owned and operated by private companies, making its cybersecurity workforce vital.

The federal government also depends heavily on its cybersecurity workforce, supplemented by contractors.

Shenoi said the goal is to build up the nation’s cyber workforce in two areas, incident response and industrial control systems.

“Everything is automated now. And as you can imagine, really bad things can happen,” he said. “You can hack a plane while it’s flying.

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