Black Mountain entry sign (Photo: Ty Roush/Black Mountain News)

Black Mountain will elect a new majority for its Board of Aldermen in the Nov. 3 election, including two spots currently held by appointees Jennifer Willet and Archie Pertiller Jr.

The election features a discussion of transparency following appointments of Pertiller and Larry Harris to alderman and mayor, respectively, in an Aug. 10 meeting. Each candidate has said that they are hoping to reconnect the local governing body with residents.

Primary objectives for each candidate vary and include: completion of the town’s greenway project, investing in local businesses, establishing stormwater infrastructure, sustaining small-town growth and introducing a townwide plan for the pandemic. 

Former mayor Mike Sobol and Justyn Whitson are listed on the ballot but have since dropped from the race.

Meanwhile, Everett Pitillo and Linda Tatsapaugh are in the race for a seat with the Buncombe County Board of