Maine university system sees virus spike days before students leave campus

Maine’s public universities are seeing a spike in students test positive for the coronavirus just days before they’re supposed to return home to finish the semester remotely. As a result, several students — those who have tested positive and their close contacts — will have to quarantine on campus through the Thanksgiving holiday.

The University of Maine System saw two dozen students test positive for COVID-19 over the weekend. As of Monday morning, there are 84 active cases of the virus across the seven public universities, according to the university system’s daily coronavirus updates.

That’s the highest number of active cases the universities have recorded since the start of the fall semester, when the University of Maine System started regularly testing students and employees.

Sixty-six of the cases are at the flagship campus in Orono, where 13 new cases among students were reported on Sunday, according to system spokesperson Dan

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Oakland University offers COVID-19 sensing, tracking devices to students, staff amid rising cases

The first batch of BioButtons has arrived at Oakland University as cases of COVID-19 increase on campus and throughout Michigan.

The university received 1,500 of the wearable devices for students and faculty and began distributing them at the beginning of the week, said David Stone, OU’S chief research officer.

The devices, purchased from Denver-based BioIntelliSense for $90,000, are being used for early detection of the coronavirus by measuring temperature and vital signs. Funded through federal CARES Act money, they are being offered free of charge to OU students and employees.

“This is a way to limit outbreaks,” Stone said. “We want to keep one case in a dorm from becoming 50.”

COVID-19 cases tied to OU remained in the single digits this fall until the last week in October, when 29 commuter students tested positive for the coronavirus, according to university data. The following week, OU had an outbreak on

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‘Locked down and locked in’: the pandemic plight of UK university students

In the two months since she arrived at the University of Manchester, Hannah Virgo has been nowhere near a lecture theatre, sports hall or student bar. But she has occupied an empty tower block.

Nearly two weeks ago, the 18-year-old and nine other students sneaked into Owens Park Tower, at the centre of Manchester’s Fallowfield campus, and barricaded themselves inside to protest against the university’s handling of education in the pandemic.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, students were encouraged to start their courses at UK universities on the promise of an undergraduate experience, but many say they have been abandoned with little in the way of financial or mental health support, locked down with strangers as Covid-19 tore through university accommodation, and forced to pay annual tuition fees of £9,250 for lessons over Zoom.

“They moved us here under false pretences,” Ms Virgo says. “Basically, they lied to us so we’d

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Princeton University To Bring Back Students For Spring Semester

PRINCETON, NJ — Princeton University on Tuesday announced it was bringing back all undergraduate students to campus in February 2021.

In a message to the community, University President Christopher Eisgruber said most instruction will remain online, and classes with an in-person component will be offered in a “hybrid” format to accommodate remote students.

The university president said the decision was made after Princeton “cultivated strong public health norms and practices” on campus, regularly monitored and learned from experiences, and established an on-campus testing laboratory.

Students have until Dec. 3 at 5 p.m. to declare their intention to live on campus. They must move in no later than Jan. 17.

“As our undergraduates consider whether to opt for a residential or a remote experience this spring, we encourage them to think carefully about the special responsibilities and conditions associated with participating in our residential community while the pandemic continues,” Eisgruber said.

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Princeton University students can return to campus next semester under strict guidelines

Princeton University is welcoming its undergraduate students back to campus next semester — with some strings attached.

a large brick building: Undergrads returning to campus at Princeton University, seen here in February, will do so under strict guidelines.

© William Thomas Cain/Getty Images
Undergrads returning to campus at Princeton University, seen here in February, will do so under strict guidelines.

The Ivy League school announced on Tuesday that it will invite all enrolled students back to live and learn on or near campus when the spring semester starts in February. During the fall semester, undergrads were fully remote while graduate students were allowed on campus. Students who want to keep learning remotely can do so.

Most instruction will still be online, and classes that are in person will have a hybrid format, meaning each class has an online component.

Undergrads returning to campus will be doing so knowing that there are certain guidelines. Beyond the usual mask and social distancing requirements, students will be housed by themselves in dorm rooms

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University of Newcastle transforms with Dynamics 365, strengthens links to students and strategic partners

One of the marquee users of the CRM is the University’s international student office where just about the entire team uses Dynamics 365 in their daily role.

Coutman explains; “Inquiries from international students are captured in CRM, as well as applications for admission. This has really streamlined the process for the team managing this process and the feedback has been positive.”

It has also improved the student experience as efficiency has soared and applications and inquiries are dealt with much faster than was previously possible. Dynamics 365 has also streamlined the University’s engagement with overseas education agencies which act as the front door for many international students.

“Implementing a more efficient approach to managing international inquiries and applications has improved the University’s interactions with overseas agencies, which enhances our reputation in this competitive market,” says Coutman.

Shane Parsons, Director, Microsoft Business Apps, KPMG says, “Dynamics 365 has delivered to the

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The New Secretary of Education Should Actually Listen to Students, Unlike DeVos

Many are also hopeful that the Biden administration will restore several protective measures passed by Barack Obama that defended the rights of marginalized students. During her tenure as the country’s top education official, DeVos signed off on rollbacks of mandates that allowed transgender students to choose which bathroom they use at school, addressed the disproportionate disciplining of Black students, and pressed for diversity in colleges and K-12 classrooms. According to the Human Rights Campaign, Biden has already committed to restoring transgender and gender nonconforming students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity. Student activists plan on pushing Biden to protect the rights of all students, regardless of race, sexuality, or gender.

“I am hoping that the next secretary of education will fight for equal opportunities in schools with predominantly minority students,” Kimberly Martinez, a high school senior and activist with Teens Take Charge in

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Should college students get a COVID-19 test before heading home for the holidays? | Momaha

Garcia, 19, said she is wary of travel and felt that completing her coursework at home, in a different time zone, would be too challenging. As a result, she plans to finish the quarter in Chicago and then fly home for the longer winter break because her parents want to see her and she misses the landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

Still, Garcia she said she’s nervous about traveling when the time comes, especially because her airline has started filling all of its seats instead of spacing out passengers. Though Garcia takes a COVID-19 test every week as required by U. of C., she said she might quarantine upon arriving home if the airport feels too crowded.

“If I didn’t absolutely have to be traveling I would not,” said Garcia, a classics and computer science major. “I would really rather not at all. I try not to go many places

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How one university system plans to send home thousands of students for Thanksgiving break

According to the College Crisis Initiative, a research project at Davidson College, few institutions have announced post-Thanksgiving exit plans. Those that have may recommend students be tested before leaving campus, but fewer still require it. After the break, they also may be keeping the majority of students off campus until next year.

The campuses of the State University of New York are among a small number of institutions that are mandating testing as part of its Thanksgiving break plan. Testing is currently underway across dozens of campuses, with students required to test negative for COVID-19 within 10 days before leaving. Students were encouraged to take their test as close to their departure date

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Columbia University bans 70 MBA students from classes after COVID-19 travel violation

The MBA students who traveled to Turks and Caicos are banned until Dec. 1.

The group of 70 MBA students had traveled to the island of Turks and Caicos on a trip that was not school-sponsored. None of the students have been suspended.

In its COVID-19 travel restrictions listed for the fall 2020 semester, the Columbia University website states, “All academic or work-related travel, domestic or international, is suspended.”

“Columbia faculty, staff and students are required to follow local,

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