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All we want as actors is to have great roles. [laughs]

I have not had a career

where all the great parts have come onto my desk.

I just have not had the luxury of just sitting around

and having people pour great scripts my way.

I think of my career as challenging

and working at it, making things happen.

I’m Glenn Close, and this is the timeline of my career.

Is it all right?

It’s not in it.

It’s a she, and she’s all right.

I was starring in Barnum on Broadway,

and George Roy Hill and Marion Dougherty

who really, she pioneered the role of casting director,

and George said later that she knew

what he wanted more than he did.

They sat and watched me in Barnum,

and I was asked to come in and audition for Jenny Fields.

But he can’t feel life.

So he takes

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Timeline: A look at Alex Cora’s career, from his Red Sox playing days to his second stint as manager

▪ 2005-08: Cora spent three-plus seasons with the Red Sox, including the 2007 World Series team for whom he appeared in 83 games.

▪ March 25, 2012: Cora is released by the St. Louis Cardinals at the end of spring training and retires after 14 seasons.

▪ Feb. 19, 2013: Cora joins ESPN as an analyst for the network’s Major League Baseball coverage.

▪ Nov. 15, 2016: Cora is hired by the Astros as bench coach.

▪ Beginning of 2017 season: Astros employees in the video replay review room start using the live game feed from the center field camera to decode opposing teams’ sign sequences. Once they were decoded, a player in the video replay room acted as a “runner” to relay the information to the dugout.

▪ Early in 2017 season: Cora begins to call the replay review room to obtain the sign information.

▪ Approximately two months

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