Salesforce Trailhead Training – Good For Career Owners, A Fresh Challenge For HR Managers

More than 20 years ago, Oracle executive Mark Benioff believed companies of all sizes, not just large companies, needed an information technology platform to drive their future success. He teamed up with three colleagues and successfully pitched his idea to investors, which included Oracle boss Larry Ellison. The company Salesforce was founded in 1999, offering a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system to potential users. The company knew from the start it needed to train both its own and its customers’ workers in the system, and more recently realized it could exploit that training through a new division called Trailhead, launched in 2014. In this article, I will describe how Trailhead is already challenging fundamental assumptions in Human Resource Management. In a future article, I will argue Trailhead is sponsoring a new kind of space, a “career ecosystem,” in which to host participants’ careers.

From the

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Morgan State University, Northern Virginia Community College receive grants for job training programs

At Morgan State, a historically Black university that serves more than 7,700 students in Baltimore, the gift will support academic programs in cryptocurrency, blockchain and mergers and acquisitions, said David Wilson, the school’s president.

“You would have to look long, very long, and hard to find African Americans, in particular, in those areas,” Wilson said. “Bank of America has recognized that and has raised its hand to say, ‘We have to do something about this, and it has to go beyond checking a box.’ ”

Anne Kress, president of the more than 51,000-student Northern Virginia Community College, said the grant will fund scholarships and provide support for FastForward — a short-term workforce credential program that trains students for jobs in the health care and information technology fields. Most programs take between six and 12 weeks to complete.

Kress said short-term programs have gained popularity “because people can plan for that

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Harrisburg University Taps Skills Training Platform to Expand Access to Healthcare Careers

HARRISBURG, Pa., Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Harrisburg University today announced the launch of an ambitious initiative designed to create new pathways to in-demand healthcare careers for workers and job-seekers across the state. Designed in partnership with SCPa Works and offered through the pioneering skills training provider Penn Foster, the new program will equip students with the skills to succeed in allied health careers as demand for healthcare workers accelerates throughout the region.

“As the economic downturn caused by the pandemic continues, it will take fresh thinking and new ideas to help individuals across the state get back to work,” said Geoffrey M. Roche, Executive Director, Strategic Healthcare Initiatives and Partnerships, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. “We’re bringing together leading-edge technology and career-aligned training to not only help the region’s employers close critical talent gaps, but also accelerate economic mobility for Pennsylvania workers.”

Even before the outbreak

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HCC Cannabis Education Center announces Nov. 20 industry roundtable, spring training schedule

Holyoke – The Cannabis Education Center at Holyoke Community College will hold an online cannabis industry roundtable for employers on Friday, Nov. 20, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. over Zoom.


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Featured presenters will include representatives from Elevate Northeast, HCC’s community and workforce training partner, and officials from other Massachusetts-based cannabis businesses and organizations: Cara Burnham-Crabb, director of Education, Elevate Northeast; TaShonda Vincent Lee, director of Community Outreach, Elevate Northeast; Beth Waterfall, executive director, Elevate Northeast; Gene Ray, vice president of Laboratory Operations, Garden Remedies; Tim Shaw, chief operating officer, MariMed; and Marion McNabb, chief executive officer and co-founder, Cannabis Community Care and Research Network.

Discussion will focus on workforce challenges, business outlook, and training needs of cannabis employers as well as the services, supports and programs offered by the Cannabis Education Center. Breakout rooms will concentrate on specific industry areas: cultivation, culinary, medical, retail and processing.

To register

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Maryland group offers students media, career training

Tellington’s portfolio includes short films detailing the lack of African Americans in astronomy and photography capturing students and teachers affected by Philadelphia’s underfunded schools.

Wide Angle works to share experiences and perspectives of the city’s youth to help challenge stereotypes in media from advertising campaigns to Hollywood script writing. The students’ photography, videos, public service campaigns and other media have reached an audience of 2 million people around the world.

“Wide Angle is always a proving ground for how to leverage the arts,” said Tellington, 33, a graduate of Baltimore School for the Arts. “Wide Angle matches the hustle that a lot of Baltimore kids have to have with real, tangible skills.

“You are given tools and you learn how systems work.”

Susan Malone, the group’s director, said the events of the year, from the disparate impact of the pandemic on racial minorities to police-involved killings of African Americans, have

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College seeks 100 students for free nursing assistant training | Articles

Nebraska Methodist College wants to recruit 100 people for a free, six-week training session to become certified nursing assistants.

The initiative’s first studentswill start Nov. 9, but other groups will follow in the free program. The initiative will largely be online, although some simulated training also will be provided at the college, said Nebraska Methodist College President Deb Carlson.

The college will work with Midland University to generate 100 participants, Carlson said. Those two colleges collaborate on other programs as well.

As hospitals and nursing homes scramble for nurses, they’re also seeking certified nursing

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Federal officials investigate university diversity training

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — Federal officials are investigating an online diversity training session at the University of Kentucky where students were put into a mandatory break-out session “that segregated students by race,” a school spokesman said.

The episode in August is being reviewed by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, UK spokesman Jay Blanton told the Lexington Herald Leader.

“That should not have happened, and it will not in the future,” Blanton said Thursday about the training. “We have made clear our expectations moving forward. A community that values diversity and inclusivity is something to which we all aspire.”

The incident was first publicly reported by an on-campus conservative student group. The group’s report was a factor in a request by Republican U.S. Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, who asked the Justice Department to investigate the incident.

Blanton told the newspaper that the

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Space Force leads first training exercise since its inception

Nov. 5 (UPI) — The U.S. Space Force led Schriever Wargame, a two-day space training event attended by 200 people from eight countries, which concluded last week.

The wargame began in 2001 under Air Force Space Command, and this week’s event was the 14th iteration of the exercise — and the first under the direction of the newly-created service.

“Today’s partnerships are vital in the contested space environment to strengthen our integration and interoperability along with promoting the peaceful use and development of space,” said Lt. Gen. Stephen N. Whiting, Commander, Space Operations Command, USSF.

This year’s wargame included participants from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom as well as the U.S.

This year’s exercise was completed virtually via the Battlefield Information Exploitation and Collection System due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The training event is designed to explore critical space issues to include investigating military utility of

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Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology bulks up aircraft fleet for training | Local Business News

“It is a good teaching tool because the Archer is a stable platform,” Schrader said. “It’s forgiving for the students. It takes, for lack of a better word, the abuse that students will give to it. The landings on these, the gear is very strong.

“That’s one of the weaknesses we find with training students. The landing gear takes the brunt of the action. It takes skill to land soft. It’s just a rugged airplane overall.”

Founded 92 years ago, Spartan College is one of the country’s first technical training schools for pilots and aviation maintenance. Along with three facilities in Tulsa, Spartan College is also located in Los Angeles; Inland Empire, Calif. and Denver. Since 1928, Spartan has trained more than 100,000 pilots and mechanics.

“In a hard year, we could use a moment like this,” Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said. “This is a school that I think is

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New ‘XR For Social Impact’ White Paper Surveys Use Cases For Immersive Technologies In Education, Healthcare, And Training

Games For Change releases social impact-driven XR landscape survey at the 2020 Unity for Humanity Summit.

Over the past decade, extended reality technologies (XR)—including augmented, mixed, and virtual reality—have graduated from the stuff of science fiction to that of mainstream reality. Games like Pokémon GO and Beat Saber have acclimated people outside of narrow insider communities to the potential of XR—in both gaming and non-gaming applications—as we push into the 2020s.

But while XR is increasingly included in conversations around possible zones of innovation, oftentimes it can be hard to understand the unique opportunities and risks associated with actually developing solutions using these technologies. This is particularly true for realms outside of games and entertainment, where value oftentimes needs to be established from the outset in order

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